How to Get Mythic Skin Free Fire (FF)

It turns out that this is how to get Mythic Skin Free Fire (FF), it’s easy and fast for you to use it very well.

Surely in such conditions, it will make you even more fond of playing the Free Fire game at this time.

Because by taking advantage of the skin, it will make you better later in competing who looks the coolest.

All the skins that are present in the Free Fire game today, have been present in large quantities and you should know that.

Especially knowing each Tier Skin Free Fire, to find out what tiers have entered this game to get.

Of course, in the conditions of each different Tier, it will definitely make the conditions in which we can get it will change as well.

Just like How to Get Mythic Skin Free Fire (FF), that way you should be able to try it.

For now, Tier Skins that are present in the Free Fire game, there are already many and maybe you don’t want to miss them all.

Because it is for the Mythic Skin itself, being one of the Skins that has the last Tier.

Because the Mythic type Skin itself, has a Red Label and you might be interested in getting it.

It’s fairly easy for you to try, it’s just that this is quite difficult and maybe you have to spend a lot of Diamonds.

By having a skin like this, you can be called the Sultan too because you have managed to have the last skin tier.

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Especially if it’s for now, you’ll probably be even more prepared and won’t want to miss it

To get the Skin, you can follow these several ways and indeed have a great opportunity to give the Mythic Free Fire Skin. Therefore, you have to try the method now, in order to have this skin.

How to Get Mythic Skin Free Fire (FF)

Here are the ways to get mythic skin free fire (FF) that the Kabargokil team did:

Faded Wheel

For the first one, this is the Faded Wheel, no wonder because the Skin Evolution Weapon Free Fire is Mythic in this Free Fire game.

Even at the beginning of their release, their presence for us to get always appears from inside the Faded Wheel and it’s really easy to do that.

  1. You will have to enter the Luck Royale feature first.
  2. Then select the section called Faded Wheel.
  3. Here, if the prize is Skin Mythic Evolution Gun, then of course you can immediately choose the 2 prizes you want to remove.
  4. After you choose the 2 Prizes, you can immediately Spin and every time you do a Spin, you have the opportunity to get the Mythic Skin.
  5. This skin will go directly into the Weaponary, so you can use it quite well, huh.

Completion Gacha

It’s still the same from the Luck Royale Free Fire section, but for the Spin Completion Gacha section it is indeed much more expensive.

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But the skin that we will get from here, of course, is cool and you have to own it this way.

  1. Enter into Lucky Royale.
  2. Choose Completion Gacha Free Fire, where it will be named after the main prize that will be presented later.
  3. After that, you will be given 2 Spin options, for 1 Times 20 Diamond and 5 Times 80 Diamond.
  4. The mission here you have to collect the Token, because after getting the Token you can fill the right Milestone prize.
  5. After 5 Tokens are found, you will have all of them immediately.

That way, of course, this is indeed a pretty interesting event and a way that can be used quite well.

After knowing How to Get Mythic Skin Free Fire (FF), then you won’t need to be confused anymore to have this really cool Skin.

This type of Tier skin is the rarest and last, will make the players really want to have that Skin.

Moreover, you can also try the Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips, so that later it can be used more easily to get skins than before.

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