How to Get Moco Month Pin Free Fire (FF)

This is how to get Moco Month Pin Free Fire (FF), it’s easy and you will probably have it right away now. Players only need to collect a few things first, then you can get the Moco Month Pin and don’t miss it.

Because for this Free Fire game, there are still many new events, so immediately you have to finish them. So that later you can get the prize immediately, there won’t even be another gift that all of them can miss.

Maybe you are interested in the new Moco Rebirth Free Fire Prize List, because there are some additions that we can play. If all the conditions are met, maybe you will be able to exchange the gift immediately and use it as well.

Including how to get Moco Month Pin Free Fire (FF), this is one of the prizes that are present now. It’s not too difficult for the player to have, because now you will know how it is easy and very fast for us to do.

How to Get Moco Month Pin Free Fire (FF)

How to Get Moco Month Pin Free Fire (FF)

  1. This event is already taking place in the game and will appear from 10 – 26 September 2021.
  2. Then players who have logged in can directly select Moco’s Hacker Icon on the top right.
  3. Later, after entering the Event Interface, select the Milestone on the Right side of the Event display.
  4. If you check that section, it appears that there is a special event that we can buy items for.
  5. Choose category number 3 and you will see a Moco Month Pin for 200 M Coin.
  6. If you already have the right total coins, you can just exchange them immediately and if you haven’t, look for them first.
  7. This pin will go directly to the Collection section after you have successfully exchanged the gift.
  8. Later, if you use it, it will appear in the upper left corner of your account profile.
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Now, after you know how to get this, hurry up before you get left behind and you can’t get the prize. There are even some other prizes that you can exchange, apart from just taking part of the Moco Month Pin now.

There is still the newest Cyber ​​Neon Falco Free Fire Skin, one of the prizes that is present at this Event now. Let’s collect the terms of the gift exchange, so that we can get the prize right now.

How to Get Moco Month Pin Free Fire (FF)

This is how to get M Coin Free Fire, so that you can later exchange every prize at the event. After getting this Moco Month Pin, it’s time for you to finish it now because there are some much cooler prizes.

It will definitely feel even better when you use the Pin, it looks and shows we have managed to have it. From here, there are still some new things that you should know, even everything that players can get is quite a lot.

Come on. Immediately, you try this event, there are even some new things that will soon be coming to the Free Fire game. Because all of these are the right choices, so you won’t miss any of these prizes later.

After knowing How to Get Moco Month Pin Free Fire (FF), then now is the right time for you to try it too. So that in the future many will know, if indeed the event that is present is quite a lot and you have to finish it.

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Including the Swag Free Fire Rap Emote Leak, one of the items that will be coming soon and we are waiting for the most. Everything will be there and some new things that you need to wait for, will definitely be more exciting and interesting.

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