How to Get Microzark Free Fire (FF) Bundle

You have to know how to get the Microzark Free Fire (FF) Bundle, it will definitely be easy if you know it now. Especially for the bundle, it has a cool name and you definitely have to have it right away to make it look cooler.

Because for now we will have some good experiences, so we can continue to play the Free Fire game and keep trying it too. Including for the selected part of the current event, there will definitely be many who are interested in trying and having all the prizes.

Maybe you also won’t miss the Moco Rebith Free Fire Event now, because there are so many prizes that we can have. All of this is indeed present well by Garena, you just need to try it now and use the gift right away.

Then comes the Way to Get Microzark Free Fire (FF) Bundle, one of the new events that just appeared. You probably won’t feel sorry, when you get this bundle prize and immediately try prizes like this when competing.

How to Get Microzark Free Fire (FF) Bundle

  1. You can get this Skin through the Royale Feature on September 17, 2021.
  2. Login first into this Free Fire game so you can get the prize.
  3. After you have entered, you will select directly into the section called Luck Royale on the left.
  4. Then you can choose a section called the Faded Wheel to start getting this gift bundle.
  5. Before the player spins, you have to choose the 2 prizes that you want to get rid of.
  6. Then after you have deleted it, of course you can immediately spin the event.
  7. Just prepare a little more Diamond, because we also have to spend a lot of total here.
  8. The initial spin you will get a price of 9 diamonds only and the more prizes you get, the more expensive.
  9. It is possible that you can get this prize in just one spin.
  10. If you have managed to get the bundle, players can immediately check the Vault section and use the bundle.
  11. This cool bundle will give different effects when you use it, so it looks much more stylish and looks expensive.
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It’s a fairly easy way, of course, players won’t want to miss this prize and all. Because there are indeed several other additions that players can get, if they compete against enemies in that mode now.

The appearance from above and below is indeed full of purple color, even this is still related to Moco. Maybe this new bundle will make you more enthusiastic, then you can use it on a strong and meta male character.

Also use the Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips now, so that it will be easier to get this main prize. So that later you won’t miss a few things, because this event is new and easy for players.

Come on, immediately have the bundle and immediately Spin, hopefully luck will come to all of you. So that this new bundle, it won’t be difficult for you to get it either.

After knowing how to get the Microzark Free Fire (FF) Bundle, you will definitely be interested in having it too. Because we know, some other new things if you follow every Event that is present in this game now.

Then there is also the Glo Tech Surfboard Free Fire Skin prize, one of the Skins that we really shouldn’t miss. Because of the appearance and effects, as well as the shape it looks very attractive.

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