How to Get Mexico Free Fire (FF) Bundle

This is how to get the Mexico Free Fire (FF) Bundle, so your soul in concocting Salsa will be mixed with a barbarian soul.

Moreover, if later you can get a Bundle like that easily, then you can immediately try it with other players.

For now, the events that are presented in the Free Fire game, there are indeed many and must be completed by all of you.

Of course with the prizes given, maybe things like that can later provide benefits for all of you who participate.

Where for the Free Fire x Street Fighter Collaboration Event, one of the big events which of course should not be missed.

The prizes that are in there too, are indeed interesting and present some cool items for you to get with easy missions.

Then now there is also a way to get Mexico Free Fire (FF) Bundle, this way your appearance will be cooler when playing.

Bundles that are present in Free Fire, have a variety of countries and of course all of them are different.

Well, things like this are indeed quite interesting, so you can use them when you want to have a Mexico Bundle in the Free Fire game as well.

So for that, maybe there are several ways that you can do, so you can have it and use it when playing later.

Because by taking advantage of the way you can get it now, maybe the Bundle won’t be difficult anymore for you to use later if you already have it.

Well, this is how to get the Bundle, it’s easy and you just have to prepare quite a lot of FF Tokens for that.

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How to Get Mexico Free Fire (FF) Bundle

  1. You have to go into the Free Fire game Shop right now, then later select the right corner called Redeem.
  2. After you already have that section, then select the one with the FF Token written here.
  3. Then scroll down slowly, for how to get the Mexico Free Fire (FF) Bundle.
  4. The position is at the bottom, the name is Gentleman Bundle, each of which is 50 FF Tokens.
  5. So that way you have to issue 200 FF Tokens, if you want to have a Bundle like this.

After knowing how to get a Bundle like this, then of course you can immediately have the opportunity to look cool.

Because the Bundle is shaped like Mexico, it can be said that it is quite interesting for you to try later.

Indeed, if you look at it a little like the Matador, but from the appearance in the Hat section, you must be sure that this is from Mexico.

The bundle has a large black round hat, there is even a motif in the hat skin like this when used later.

The shirt is a form of a black suit, then there is a white pattern and a red tie.

And inside the shirt also has red or white colors so that it makes it more interesting.

The pants used are long black, then on the left and right side there is a white crochet or stitch.

The shoes that he uses are also Kats, which are quite shiny shoes and when they are used for walking they make a melodious sound.

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So, are you interested in getting the Skin and also wearing it when competing? Let’s have it all now.

After knowing how to get the Mexico Free Fire (FF) Bundle, things like this are indeed quite interesting and you can use them right now.

So if you want to have this Bundle, you can just take advantage of it and can use this method right now.

Especially for How to Get the Free Fire Champ Heavy Weight Bundle, also go through this and maybe you are interested in it.

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