How to get Love Air Free Fire (FF) hair

So it turns out that this is how to get Love Air Free Fire (FF) hair, of course it’s one of the easy things for us to try now.

Because that’s what the hair user will receive, of course it will become even stronger and will not look normal later.

Moreover, for now, there are indeed a lot of new updates that players can try in the Free Fire game.

Of course, everything that is presented at this time is indeed quite interesting and you can see it too.

Events will always be better, because now we know that the Rampage New Dawn Web Event is coming to an end.

Therefore, all of you must immediately complete the missions in the event right now.

Just like how to get Love Air Free Fire (FF) hair, that way a cool hair skin like this will make the appearance look cool.

Curious? see the article below.

How to get Love Air Free Fire (FF) hair

So for the items that are present in this game, there are already many, yes, you all know that and are interested in having them now.

Not only that, it turns out that you can also try How to Get a Hair with the name Love Air now.

Surely with hair like that, your appearance will be better and cooler when facing many enemies later.

Of course things like this too, will make some of the best changes, for you to feel in the future.

Especially from the Love Air Hair Skin, he said, it’s really easy for us to get it now.

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It’s just that you have to be able to try it first, so you don’t miss this cool skin too.

Of course, by using Hair Love Air, enemies or girls who play this Free Fire game become interested.

How come they can meet, with the appearance of a handsome male character like this, maybe.

Here’s how to get it, if you want to have the skin.

  1. Enter the Free Fire game first, after that if it is already in the lobby, you can directly select the Shop.
  2. Then when you are in the Normal section, here you choose the name Fashion.
  3. After that, you have immediately been given a position on the purchase of the Head, you can scroll down to find this blue hair.
  4. If you have found the hair, buy it at a price of 200 Diamonds, maybe later the discount will be 100 Diamonds.
  5. When you buy this Skin, it can be used immediately or you check first in the Vault.

By knowing something like this, all of you will immediately like and be interested in giving it to use.

Isn’t that right? The easy way and we only need diamonds ready, if you want to have a cool skin from the hair later.

Moreover, later on, your Cowo character will be liked by many girls, because of his blue hair skin that looks handsome and attractive to approach.

How? Are you ready to have this hair skin and use it when playing later? Of course it’s very easy for you to get, so with things like that you benefit too.

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After knowing How to Get Love Air Free Fire (FF) Hair, then this will be one piece of information that is quite interesting.

Only by using Diamond, of course you can already have this hair skin to use when competing with you later.

Especially for the problem of How to Create a Cool Free Fire Account, of course this is indeed quite easy for all of you to do.

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