How to Get Loot Crate Ice Free Fire (FF)

Try directly How to Get Loot Crate Ice Free Fire (FF), because from here we will also see the main prize of a good weapon skin. That’s why if you like and want to try it, you will definitely be interested in getting this Loot Crate now.

In fact you’ll have some good opportunities, each taking part in a Mission in the newest event right now. If you get a gift, it might be quite a profitable thing, because you guys don’t want to miss it at all.

Moreover, to try directly How to Get the Amplified Bassrock Free Fire Bundle, one of the main prizes that is present at the new Event. Maybe if we add the newest weapon skin later, we will give a combination set that is quite suitable later.

Even for now, you can know how to get Loot Crate Ice Free Fire (FF) which maybe you can try.

How to Get Loot Crate Ice Free Fire (FF)

  1. You must first enter the Free Fire game, so you can continue the process of getting this Loot Crate now.
  2. Then you can just select the section called Shop on the left, then after entering, press the Armory writing right now.
  3. Then after you do that, press the right side again called Theme Box.
  4. After you have entered this menu, you can immediately select it, just scroll down and look for it slowly until you find it.
  5. If you have met the Loot Crate Ice as shown in the picture, then we can buy it for only 35 Diamonds and the discount can change the price to 18.
  6. If you want hockey and have one of these weapon skins, maybe you have to buy only 10 pieces.
  7. Open it and maybe there are some prizes that we can get, if you want to have this weapon Skin in the match.
  8. You can get the skin prize in large, because this rate is quite high too.
  9. Check the skin that you managed to get earlier, after opening the Loot Crate and receiving the Skin prize.
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Of course the Skin that is present in the Loot Crate ice is indeed quite good, it even has an additional stat that is large enough to attack. If you like the shape of each weapon Skin, have it immediately because the price is also very cheap.

The stats are in the Damage ++ section, but in the Accuracy section – which will have a big effect when you face off against enemies later. From here we can also see weapons such as M1014, M4A1, Famas and Kar who have the Ice Skin now.

But honestly if you buy this Loot Crate and have the skin too, you won’t feel a loss and make you a big profit. Because it has a very striking color, although we will only see it lose in skin effects.

Also use Hockey Tips for Opening Crate Free Fire, so you can have this Skin and use it later if you want.

After knowing how to get Loot Crate Ice Free Fire (FF), we won’t have to feel difficult anymore after having the weapon skin then. Have some cool Skin prizes that are present now, because they are not so expensive either.

Moreover, if you know how to see the Free Fire Loot Crate Percentage, then you can find out what percentage we can get. If you like it, just have the Skin now.

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