How to Get Loot Crate Executioner Free Fire (FF)

So now there is a Way to Get Loot Crate Executioner Free Fire (FF), of course things like that are very interesting for you to try.

Because indeed by using the Loot Crate, there will be a Bundle and attractive prizes that can be obtained later.

All of this is presented quite special by Garena, so you probably don’t want to miss this item right now.

What’s more, we know that there are lots of other interesting events, to be used in the next update.

In this way, we may also know that How to Get Princess Free Fire’s Loot Crate, is almost the same as what we have today.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to get the Loot Crate or not and then you have to be able to do it right away.

So this is how to get Loot Crate Executioner Free Fire (FF), it doesn’t feel difficult and of course it becomes even easier if you want to have it.

Curious? see the article below.

How to Get Loot Crate Executioner Free Fire (FF)

There are a lot of Loot Crates that are presented in this game, of course, things like that are quite interesting and you should try them.

Because indeed with the presence of the Loot Crate Execution, you have to make sure you have that skin too.

Especially with the prizes in it, of course, with the bundle gifts, you definitely want to have the bundle.

Because what we know is that for now, you will get one of the Phantom Executioner Free Fire Bundles that were presented before.

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What’s more, getting this Loot Crate is very easy, so you won’t find it difficult at all to get this.

By using the Loot Crate Execution as well, it will make you all prefer to use a cool Bundle when competing.

This is how to get the Loot Crate, you should also know now.

  1. For the first time, you have to enter the Free Fire game first, then prepare the Diamond by doing a Top Up later.
  2. After that you can directly enter the Free Fire Shop, so that later you can get it too.
  3. Then when you are in this shop, just select the section called Crates to continue how to get it now.
  4. Then you will see the Loot Crate at the very top, because it is still new for you to use well later.
  5. The price of the Loot Crate that is presented is 40 Diamond, so the price is cheap and definitely wanted by many players later.
  6. If you want to have greater potential in receiving this Loot Crate prize, of course you have to buy up to 10 Boxes later.
  7. That way you will definitely have the opportunity, to be able to get the main prize like this right now.
  8. You can get the Loot Crate Bundle quite easily right now.

By having this Loot Crate, you will later have the opportunity to set the latest bundle presented by Garena, right.

Because this is a separate bundle, you can have it when it will be introduced into the Free Fire game.

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For those of you who don’t have the Bundle Executioner, you can buy it directly at a low price.

After knowing How to Get Loot Crate Executioner Free Fire (FF), then the opportunity to have the Bundle becomes easier.

Especially for now, you have to try it now and try to get the Bundle that’s in it right now.

If you want to be clearer, you can try Hockey Tips to Open Loot Crate on Free Fire, it will create a great opportunity to get this prize.

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