How to get lantern tokens and Moon Event Eid al-Adha Free Fire

The latest free fire event is the Moon Event or Eid al-Adha event where in the end we will get an Emote.

although not as hype as other events, we can still collect limited emotes from this event itself.

Therefore, for those of you booyah friends who like or don’t like this event, keep playing as usual.

and for those of you booyah friends who want to finish this one event, you will be asked to collect lantern and moon tokens.

for how to collect it, I will explain the procedure so that you don’t get confused.

1. how to get lantern token

for the first one, this is your way to get lantern tokens in free fire during the Eid al-Adha event.

how to get it, you just have to complete the match or play as usual.

the match itself is not a specific match and can be obtained through all matches such as CS, BR and also ranked.

but don’t forget to always look at the map because there must be a token attached to your loot.

and CS mode is the fastest mode to collect lantern tokens where you will get 2 permatch or random.

2. How to get moon tokens

The moon token itself is different from the lantern token, which can only be obtained during the peak day free fire event on July 20, 2021.

to get your own moon token, you have to reach the top 10 5 times in a match with a total of 3 moon tokens you can get.

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and the function of this token is to exchange gifts in the free fire reward exchange tab during the Eid al-Adha event.

for the prize itself, as I said earlier, there are emotes, pet emotes, skins, etc. that you can get.

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