How to Get Item 515 Souvenir Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that has various interesting events in it, one of which is an event that gives you 515 Souvenir items. This is a complete review on how to get 515 Souvenirs in Mobile Legends.

What is item 515 Souvenir? This item allows you to exchange it for various prizes for free, most recently, you can exchange 515 Souvenirs for an Elimination Effect for free.

In addition, there may also be skins, heroes and other interesting items if Moonton presents them, for sure the 515 Souvenir item is a quite special and valuable item, therefore, if there is an event that presents 515 Souvenir, you must get it.

Kabargokil this time will provide a way to get 515 Souvenir items in Mobile Legends easily and quickly. Now for those of you who are curious about how to get these items, please see the following.

How to get 515 Mobile Legends Souvenir Items (ML

To get the 515 Souvenir item, you can find it in an event presented by Moonton, there are many events that of course give this prize, we will give examples of only two events. What are they?

515 Weekly Reward

How to Get Item 515 Souvenir Mobile Legends (ML)

The first event that can give you a 515 Souvenir item, is the 515 Weekly Reward, in this event you can get it by just logging in to the weekly event.

You just need to log in on the first week when this event is present, then enter the event page and act you can claim 515 Souvenir items. Unfortunately one week you can only claim 1515 Souvenirs.

This event is always routinely presented by Moonton, especially during the month of May 2021, usually 515 Weekly Rewards are present on special Moonton birthday events such as the 2021 EParty event.

Souvenir Bank Event

Another example is the Souvenir Bank event, as the name suggests Souvenir Bank is an event that allows you to get lots of 515 Souvenir items in Mobile Legends.

In this one event you require to complete the given task, there are 5 tasks needed with a prize of 5 515 Souvenir items, but what is certain for the event itself will provide a different task when it comes later.

You could say that compared to other events, 515 Souvenir Bank will provide more 515 Souvenir items that you can get, that way, you are obliged to take part in this one event in Mobile Legend.

There are many other events that can give you 515 Souvenir items in Mobile Legends. Make sure to continue to monitor the event page to look forward to the 515 Souvenir event in Mobile Legends.

So that’s all for the latest review on how to get 515 Souvenir items in the Mobile Legend game. Hopefully, with the reviews given, you can get the event and can be exchanged for attractive prizes in Mobile Legends.

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