How to Get Hidden Weapons in Resident Evil Village

What is offered by Resident Evil Village is arguably very attractive to gamers, because this game will leave some unique items that are even difficult for players to find. So it takes time to find it and is certainly an exciting challenge.

Like Resident Evil 4, after defeating the boss, players will usually get money, treasure, and unique items. Likewise with the Village. Yes, although not every valuable treasure can be obtained through battles after defeating the boss, but it can be more easily obtained through hidden treasures, it’s just that you need effort to find the hidden item.

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To find out how to get to some of the important pieces of the treasure will usually be marked on the map. As players explore deeper into the lore of the Resident Evil Village, the Moreau section offers some more details that fill in the plot, but also includes an important piece of treasure known as the “Moreau Hidden Weapon”, or hidden weapon.

Resident evil village hidden weapon location map

Maybe getting the Moreau Hidden Weapon is easier than getting the Beneviento Treasure, where you can freely choose when to pick up the item. As for the Beneviento Treasure you have a limited time to get it.

The question is how to get to Moreau’s treasure and what is in it. After defeating Moreau, you can use the new Crank to explore further around The Reservoir.

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Moreau has a very powerful M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum that you can pick up for free. This part of the Resident Evil Village guide will detail when you should go and where to get the weapon.

How to Get Moreau’s Hidden Weapon in RE Village

Before continuing the journey to look for the M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum you will see a gate to the east of the windmill. To open the gate requires a Crank.

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This Crank is not for sale, but is obtained after you defeat Moreau. If you already have a Crank, then take the elevator and you will return to the first factory with a maze puzzle, and now you can open the mechanical gate, the gate that will connect you to the location of Moreau’s laboratory.

the way to the moreau laboratory

After arriving at Moreau’s laboratory you will see several Samca and Moroica ready to attack. Kill them, then find a house with a small hole and crawl into it.

Safe! You managed to get a hidden weapon. The M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum is one of the best weapons in Resident Evil Village that you can get for free. Collect as much money as possible, because we highly recommend upgrading this weapon.

Kill Varcolac

Vârcolac resident evil village
Photo: Fandom

After you get the M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum and are about to return to West Old Town, a Varcolac will be waiting outside. Try using your new weapon against the monster and make sure the shot must hit the face.

Use your best strategy to kill this Varcolac, because if you fight carelessly then the results will be in vain and waste bullets.

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Resident Evil Village is now available for you to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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