How to Get Harmonious Star Free Fire (FF) Token

So you have to know how to get the Harmonious Star Free Fire (FF) Token, so that in the future you can take part in the latest current events.

Of course, with the presence of such an event, it is indeed quite interesting and can be used quite well by the players right now.

Because there are a variety of cool events right now, all of them are quite interesting and can be used as well as possible.

With this event, everything that will be presented is indeed a lot and may be used very well by the players.

Especially for the Latest Eid al-Adha Event on Free Fire, where there are many new things that you can get here too.

That way, take advantage of all the missions that are easy to complete, for you to have many other interesting prizes here.

Because there is a way to get Harmonious Star Free Fire (FF) Tokens, it’s easy and fast for you to complete now.

By using tokens like in this event, you will definitely exchange them or use them in the Spin that is present at the current event.

Of course, taking advantage of the Harmonious Star Token itself, can be one of the best parts that we should not overlook.

It’s easy and fast, so you should be able to get the Star Token in a fairly easy way right now.

You could say yes, if this Token is indeed presented in a special way, the latest Update Event is now quite a lot and can be put to good use.

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Not only that, for the Moon and Lantern Idul Adha tokens, we can already know how to get them now.

Now, if the latest for the Harmonious Star Free Fire Token, it is indeed quite good and very interesting to be used in the next new event later.

How to Get Harmonious Star Free Fire (FF) Tokens

There are 2 ways to get this Token, so let’s just go ahead and collect it on July 14-25, 2021.

Daily Mission

First you can get this Token, by completing the Mission in the Sacrificial Blessing Event.

  1. Go to the Events tab.
  2. Select the section called Eid al-Adha Free Fire.
  3. Click on the Daily Mission that has this Token Prize.
  4. Complete the mission and claim the token.

For some of the things that you have to complete here too, it can be said that it is very easy to do.

Kill Enemies 3 and 6 Times: 2 Tokens (1 Token Each)

Login: 1 Harmonious Star Token

Deal 2000 Damage: 1 Harmonious Star Token

Deal 4000 Damage: 2 Harmonious Star Tokens

Booyah 1 Time: 3 Harmonious Star Tokens

After Completing a CS or BR Mode Match

If you do this, it’s really easy to do, by completing the Match and then getting the prize.

  1. Enter in Match BR or CS Classic and Rank.
  2. Finish Match to get Harmonios Star Token.
  3. Tokens will be received if Matches are accumulated at the end of playing.
  4. If you want fast CS mode only.
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Then the period of getting this Token is also 2, where you can know it right now.

14 – 19 July: 2 Harmonious Star Tokens

July 20 – 25: 3 Harmonious Star Tokens

That way, this event is made easier by Garena, so that the players can get lots of prizes.

After knowing how to get the Harmonious Star Free Fire (FF) Token, then immediately take advantage of all the prizes well too.

Because indeed by using the Token, surely you will have many interesting prizes that can be obtained from the Web Event.

Not only that, you might like How to Get a Free Free Fire Magic Cube that can be exchanged for a cool Bundle later.

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