How to get Gloo Wall Angel Wings Free Fire (FF) Skin

You can try How to Get Gloo Wall Angel Wings Free Fire (FF) Skin, of course, it’s easy to try right now.

Because we can be even cooler, when competing and facing enemies by pairing this Skin when competing later.

By using Gloo Wall Skin, surely our appearance in having an item will be cooler than before too.

There are still several other prizes that you might be able to get, at this current event.

For the Rampage New Dawn Free Fire Event Schedule, it won’t be long before it ends and you should know that.

But for various other events as well, you might be able to find out first when you enter the game.

Especially for How to Get Gloo Wall Angel Wings Free Fire (FF) Skin, it’s really easy for you to get it right now.

Curious? let’s see the explanation in the article below, yes.

So for now, you should know that for example Gloo Wall Angel Wings has officially appeared on Free Fire Indonesia.

But for now, you have to know too, how to get the skin, how it should be.

Because every event that is presented in the current Free Fire game, you can’t get it right away without having to go through the method given.

Especially if you see How to get the Gloo Wall Skin here, you will definitely understand how to do it right now.

Especially for now, you can find out how to get the Angel Free Fire Hip Hop Bundle which is quite easy to have.

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However, if it’s for Gloo Wall, it’s almost the same but it won’t be presented again if it’s entered in the Redeem Shop later.

  1. You can login first into the Free Fire game, so that later you can go to the Event Tab that is presented.
  2. Once you are in the Event Tab, of course you can directly select the Magic Arrow.
  3. When you enter the event, you will see the Spin that must be completed and the main prize tone in the middle.
  4. If you spin in this event, you will receive one possibility to get the main prize of the Gloo Wall.
  5. Use 20 Diamonds for 1 Spin and 80 Diamonds to get 5 Spins later.
  6. After doing Spin, you will get the possibility to have this Gloo Wall Skin because it is very easy.
  7. The skin will immediately enter the Weaponary Free Fire, if it has been successfully obtained from this event.
  8. You just have to use it from within the Weaponary feature, then we just select the part called Gloo Wall, right.

If you have managed to have this Skin, then you can show the enemy that the gloo wall is already owned without any difficulty at all.

Then it’s not just that, in the past, there was a time to enter the Gloo Wall Wings Angel Free Fire Skin Leak and now you can get it.

Just collect all the gloo wall skins that are present in this game, so we won’t have one of those rare gloo wall skins too.

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After knowing how to get the Gloo Wall Angel Wings Free Fire (FF) skin, you can immediately use it in a match.

Use this skin properly and correctly, show the enemy that we also have a cool skin that should not be left alone.

Take advantage of How to Use Gloo Wall Free Fire, so that later this skin can become stronger and harder to destroy by enemies.

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