How to get Glo Rubik’s Free Fire (FF) Grenade Skin

It turns out that this is how to get Glo Rubik’s Free Fire (FF) Grenade Skin, another free gift that you can get right now. Maybe it will feel better if you later throw a Grenade, using a Skin like this because of the explosion effect.

Then there are still some prizes that are present in the upcoming Free Fire game, so that you can collect them later after the mission is complete. Because for the next latest update leak, there are many new event missions and prizes that you will all get soon.

Especially for the Moco Rebith Free Fire Event Schedule, one of the most special parts of September for us to get. Lots of new prizes and maybe you will feel happy, because the event missions are fairly easy and the prizes must be very good to use.

Then for How to Get Glo Rubik’s Free Fire (FF) Grenade Skin, one part of the Event prizes that is present this time. Many will use it, because the way to get it is also very easy.

How to get Glo Rubik’s Free Fire (FF) Grenade Skin

  1. To get this skin, you have to play on September 18-22, 2021, which will come.
  2. Then just login on the date that we have given you, so you can find out more about the event later.
  3. When you are in the lobby game, select the Event Tab on the right to immediately see the missions that we must use.
  4. Look for the section called Stronghold Mission to follow directly how to get the Skin Grenade.
  5. After you enter, you will immediately see this Skin Grenade, along with the Missions that you need to complete within the given time period.
  6. The mission present at this event is to play the new Stronghold Mode to be able to get prizes that are present right now.
  7. After all the missions that appear in this section are completed, then you can immediately accept them and use them.
  8. The prize will be directly entered into the Weaponary Feature and you can immediately use it to compete.
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The presence of some cool Events and Missions into the Indonesian server, we are really waiting for and all of them are indeed satisfying. In fact, we will also know some important things, if this Glo Rubik’s Grenade Skin has appeared in previous Leaks as well.

Maybe you will like this skin and use it, because the appearance and effects that come give it a different color. You later have to play in the New Stronghold Free Fire Mode, such as defending the Area to get points and win.

Then there are Tips for Playing Stronghold Mode that you can try, so you can continue to win in this game mode later. Have the rewards that come with this Mission, both in playing to the end and receiving a lot of Ticket Royale.

Possibility and is a prediction of news if later you have to complete it as follows.

Play 3 Times Stronghold Mode: 1 Piece Weapon Royale Ticket

Play 6 Times Stronghold Mode: 1 Piece Diamond Royale Ticket

Play 9 Times Stronghold Mode: Glo Rubik’s Grenade Skin

Play 12 Times Stronghold Mode: Ticket Incubator Royale 1 Piece

Immediately play this event when it starts, then you will immediately get lots of prizes which of course are quite interesting. Surely you also won’t want to miss some of the missions, as well as the prizes that appear at this event.

After knowing how to get the Glo Rubik’s Free Fire (FF) Grenade Skin, then those of you who like it can immediately have the skin now. Moreover, it is said that it will appear as a limited item in this game, there is no longer a chance to have your second one.

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Then also understand the Free Fire Grenade Throwing Tips now, so that you won’t have problems doing it later. This Grenade will have great power, it will not even be missed by the strength of all of you.

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