How to Get Galactic Tickets Event MLBB X Star Wars Mobile Legends (ML)

This is how to get Galactic Tickets items at the MLBB X Star Wars event in the Mobile Legends game. This latest event will give you quite a lot of skins and also exclusive skins for Argus and Cyclops heroes.

The Star Wars event is almost the same as the KOF event, you will draw to get exclusive skins for Cyclops Master Yoda and Argus Darth Vader heroes. You can get these two skins at this cool event.

Now as usual, the presence of this event will give you a free skin, in certain draws you will get a guaranteed skin which can try your luck through this event.

To be able to draw for free, you can use a Galactic Tickets, if at KOF, maybe the same as KOF Tickets. You can also get it for free or paid.

For those of you who are curious, here’s how to get Galactic Tickets in the Star Wars event in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are looking for cool Star Wars skins, check out the full review here.

How to Get Galactic Tickets in Mobile Legends

Oh yes, before that, make sure you preorder which will take place on July 10 – July 16, 2021. The Preorder event page will be available this afternoon on the Mobile Legends game.

Then to get Galactic Tickets you can start on July 17th to complete the various tasks available, on the same date you will also get 1x Galactic Tickets from the preorder page.

Here are some tasks that will give Galactic Tickets at the Star Wars event in the Mobile Legends game.

  • Pre Order Event Star Wars: 1x Galactic Tickets
  • Log in game Mobile Legends: 1x Galactic Tickets
  • Top Up 50 Diamonds: 3x Galactic Tickets
  • Top Up 100 Diamonds: 2x Galactic Tickets
  • Top Up 250 Diamonds: 2x Galactic Tickets
  • Spend 100 Diamonds in Star Wars Event: 2x Galactic Tickets
  • Spend 250 Diamonds in Star Wars Event: 2x Galactic Tickets
  • Top Up on the Official Web ( 3x Galactic Tickets

The total Galactic Tickets that you can get by completing the task above is 13x Galactic Tickets. Then when you top up on the official website you can get around 16x Galactic Tickets.

For one first draw you will be charged 50 diamonds, then the next draw is 100 diamonds. You can get cheaper by doing 10x draw directly.

Then on the 10th draw, it is certain that you can get 1 special skin (unfortunately not epic limited like KOF) then on the 3rd and 5th draws are normal skins and elite skins. For the same skin will be converted into Galactic Credits.

Tios: With a total of 16 Galactic Tickets above, you can take advantage of a draw with a discount of around 50 diamonds which are reset every day. So do a draw for 5 days in a row to take advantage of 250 diamonds into 5x draws.

So that’s it for how to get Galactic Tickets in Mobile Legends. Hopefully the above review can be useful and useful for you Mobile Legends gamers!

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