How to Get Free Skin Miya Moon Priestess Mobile Legends (ML)

Moonton will reportedly present a free skin to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Mobile Legends game. The skin is Miya Moon Priestess, here’s how to get it.

Miya is a marksman hero as well as the mascot for the Mobile Legends game icon, she is the first hero to be present in Mobile Legends.

Of course Miya became Moonton’s golden child and they presented quite a lot of skins for this one hero. One of them is the Moon Priestess skin.

Previously this skin had the name Moon God for the first time, but now they changed their name to Moon Priestess which was prepared as a free skin gift on the 5th anniversary of Mobile Legends.

For those of you who are curious about how to get the Miya Moon Priestess skin for free, the following will review how to get it in the Mobile Legends game.

How to get Miya Moon Priestess in Mobile Legends

Skin Miya Moon Priestess will be released on September 22, 2021 together with the Anniversary game Mobile Legends.

In the event, they will give Miya hero for free through the events that are presented, you can also get it in the following way.

Above is recording the Test Event where Benedetta’s skin will be replaced with Miya Moon Priestess. For now, the information above can be a leak on how to get the skin later.

First, you have to take part in the Moon Goddess Blessing event. In this event, you will be divided into two tasks that you can complete.

The first task is the daily Login event, players can get rewards by logging in five days in a row.

Then the second event is a task event to get the Miya Moon Priestess skin for free. To complete the task is fairly easy.

During the event, players only need to login, share events, and play classic, rank or brawl modes, then can play with friends and win in a game.

Later you will get points where there is a bar in the event. After completing the task, the point bar will slowly fill up and until all the bars are full, you will get the Miya Moon Priestess skin.

The task is practically the same as the Nostalgia event that often comes before, players only need to play until the icon bar is full and get a Miya Moon Priestess skin prize.

This month’s event can be said to be very interesting, because not only one or two skins are given free, players will get many free skins during the Anniversary.

So, that’s all for information on how to get the Miya Moon Priestess skin for free in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully useful and see you in the next article!

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