How to Get Free Moco Characters Free Fire (FF)

Let’s see How to Get Free Moco Characters Free Fire (FF), maybe you will soon be interested in using the character. Because what we know is that Moco will turn out to be cooler, even his abilities when competing later will feel even more deadly.

Right now, there are indeed a lot of new events in the Free Fire game, all of you will probably immediately complete each mission. Especially for the missions that were present at several events this time, it was indeed quite satisfying the prizes we got.

Even for the presence of the Moco Rebith Free Fire Event Schedule, you must know this and see whenever the latest Event missions are now. So that nothing will be missed at all, when you follow and complete every Mission in the event that appears in the game, yes.

Including for How to Get Free Moco Free Fire (FF) Characters, let’s immediately have this character in the new event. We will definitely feel that playing is getting stronger, if we use his skills in any match mode without exception.

How to Get Free Moco Characters Free Fire (FF)

  1. Moco characters will be available for free on the Peak Day Interface Event, September 18-19, 2021.
  2. Players who want to get this character must be able to login on that date and immediately follow the steps.
  3. After entering the Lobby of the game, you must immediately have an interface from the Moco Rebith Event this time.
  4. Later after you enter the interface of this event, there is an option called Daily Login or Login.
  5. Click and there are 3 different prizes and one of them is a Moco Character that is present for Free in this game.
  6. Of course, we have to choose this prize first and if we already have it, then avoid choosing the character later.
  7. Then those of you who have claimed this character can immediately check the Character section and use Moco after having it.
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This is one of the offerings for the Latest Moco Awakening Characters, surely many will want to have this awakening. An event appears that frees up the character for you to use right now, of course all players can have the awakened version.

Just follow the details of the event that Esprotsku gave earlier, then you will have no difficulty getting the prize. It will definitely feel even cooler, if you all follow the other events and complete this Peak Day Login first.

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Remember for all players, this Moco character will only be free and we can get it in just 1 day. You have to know that and for example starting on the 18th, it means that it will finish at 4 am on the 19th of September.

In addition to your character, you will also have the opportunity to choose prizes such as Universal Fragments and Ticket Diamond royale. If you already have a Moco, maybe one of the 2 gifts will be useful for the player to use later.

What do you think about this gift? let’s immediately awaken the Moco character when everything is resolved. We only need to login, to get these gifts and use them later.

Moreover, there are still many event missions that you must complete, it will definitely be more interesting for us to try directly when competing later.

After knowing How to Get Free Moco Free Fire (FF) Characters, you must immediately have it and use moco when competing. Let the strength be trained first, before you can change it in the new version of the awakening to face off against the enemy.

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Especially there is also How to Get the Cuber C2 Free Fire Coder Token, one of the important ingredients in a new Event. We can take the Moco Bat Skin prize, if we use this Token in the right amount.

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