How to Get Free Fire (FF) Party Style Token

Now there is a way to get Free Fire (FF) Party Style Tokens, let’s collect them and then we can use them immediately when exchanging gifts. Because for the events that are present in this game, there are quite a lot, even for the Party Style Token we will get it immediately.

There are still some interesting prizes that we can use, even to complete some Events that are present in this game as well. There will be many players to take part in events like this, so that later you will not miss a lot of prizes.

Moreover, the presence of Free Select Characters Free Fire Booyah Style, is one of the current Events and very crowded who participate. They can also still participate in this event, without having to miss out on the cool prizes that are present in the game this time.

Especially for How to Get Free Fire (FF) Party Style Tokens, of course, if this Token is successful, we will have more gift exchanges. It’s even easier, if later you manage to exchange the prizes faster than other players.

How to Get Free Fire (FF) Party Style Tokens

Game Login

  1. You will get this Token on September 11, 2021 and you shouldn’t miss it.
  2. Log in to the Free Fire game when you arrive at the right time.
  3. Enter the Event Tab which is to the right of the Lobby game section, then you select the Exchange Joy Party Event section.
  4. Now that you have this, take a look at the Login which is present on the 11th, which is the main prize of this new Token.
  5. After successfully being claimed by you, the token will immediately enter the account Vault feature section
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Peak Day Booyah Style

  1. This event will take place from 11-13 September 2021 to come.
  2. Players only need to login on that date and go to the Events tab.
  3. After you have entered the Event Tab this time, you just need to check the missions that are present on the Peak Day.
  4. If you have, just look at the prizes for the missions that are present at this event for us to complete immediately.
  5. The gift is giving damage to the enemy, then we can Claim Token if it is completed.
  6. Just take this prize right away, so you can immediately get what’s new in the game.

After knowing how to get it, it means now is the time to immediately try and do it too. So that later the prizes present at this event, there are indeed many and maybe you can have one of them.

For the total of Tokens that we will get later are 4 pieces, 3 from the mission and 1 from the current mission login. Enough total, to successfully get the grand prize.

Don’t forget how to get the Free Fire Joy Token, because these two items have the same relationship in such an event. Maybe you will receive more prizes, if you always follow the Event in detail and don’t miss the mission.

Because for now the presence of collaboration events or other prizes, might make you more excited when playing. Use all of your playing opportunities, so you don’t miss the prizes that are present at the in-game Event.

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After knowing How to Get Free Fire (FF) Party Style Token, then take some time on the date and how to get it. Since this is a great opportunity, to have another free gift in the game that is still going on at this time.

Not only that, because there is also an Exchange Joy Party Event Free Fire that you must use. Because the Tokens that you managed to get, we will exchange them through this section of the Event.

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