How to get Free Fire Blue Butterfly (FF)

You can try How to Get Blue Butterfly Free Fire (FF), this is a fairly easy thing and you can try.

Because right now there are many interesting parts to feel, which will indeed help you in competing too.

Moreover, for now, there are many events that are present in the Free Fire game and can be used.

Where is it that you will face to compete becomes easier, of course it will make you get a lot of profit.

Right now you can also know how to get a pretty good Ryu Free Fire T-Shirt, your character will definitely be interesting.

Moreover, for now, there are several things that players can get so that they can look cool right now.

So if you want it like that, it means that you have to try this very easy Way to Get Free Fire Blue Butterfly (FF).

Blue skullcap is one of the accessories for the head that we can get, because the appearance of this skin is very good to use

Of course, by using Blue Butterfly like that, you will become more attractive when you use Blue Butterfly like that.

Moreover, to get this Kupluk Skin too, it’s really easy so that the players can get it now.

Because these of you who use this method later, will make the appearance of the character different from the others.

It’s up to you whether you want to try that method or not, later from a section like this you can put it to better use.

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How to Get Free Fire (FF) Blue Beanie

  1. Login first into this Free Fire game, so you can try it right now.
  2. After you are already in the Lobby of this game, then you can just enter the Shop which is on the left of the feature.
  3. If you have entered this shop, you can immediately select the section called Fashion later.
  4. Then those of you who are already there, select the Skin section of the Head first.
  5. Scroll down slowly to find the Blue Butterfly Skin.
  6. When you find the skin, you can immediately buy it for 100 Diamonds.
  7. After you have purchased the Skin, you will get a Blue Butterfly Skin that can be used in the Vault later as well.
  8. This Blue Butterfly has a Green Type, so if you want to have it, you can buy it now before it disappears later.

With those of us who use the Blue Butterfly like this, we can definitely tell right away that the item is indeed the same one that Jota often uses.

Of course, by taking advantage of this way of getting a skullcap, you can make other characters have a cool appearance on that head.

Very similar to Jota, even though we don’t use Jota when competing against enemies in the game match.

Especially for now, you definitely want to have lots of cool items and make good use of all those things too.

Because there is also a Way to Get Love In The Air Free Fire, this is indeed similar to the hair of other characters in the game.

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After knowing how to get the Blue Butterfly Free Fire (FF), then things like this you can use quite well now.

So what do you think about the Blue Butterfly like this? Is it good to have it now?

Especially with How to Get a Free Magic Cube on Free Fire, so that your chances of getting other cool bundles can be done here.

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