How to Get Emote Big Smash Free Fire (FF)

Maybe you will soon find out How to Get the Big Smash Free Fire (FF) Emote, because it is one of the newest things. Not only that, you may feel interested again, when you try and use the Emote to declare victory.

In fact, there are still several other events that you may have to get, when participating and trying this latest event directly. The more new missions, the more fun there are when there are lots of new challenges in order to get cool new prizes in the game.

Especially to know about the 5 Best Free Fire Emotes, for sure you will be interested and curious about all of this because of the new prizes. Then also use some of the latest Emotes that we may have to have, so that your appearance can be more stylish too.

Especially for How to Get the Big Smash Free Fire (FF) Emote, maybe if you know how the Emote is, you’ll want it. Because the method that we are giving now is possible to release, but we’ll see what it’s like in the future.

How to Get the Big Smash Free Fire (FF) Emote

How to Get the Big Smash Free Fire (FF) Emote

Through Top Up Events

  1. Maybe later this new Emote called Big Smash will be included in the Top Up Mission.
  2. Like other Emotes, when you see exactly the previous Top up Event, you will definitely give prizes like this.
  3. You will only need to enter first into the Event Tab on the right.
  4. Then after you have done something like this, you can search for the event mission and see how much you have to top up.
  5. Because this is a new Emote, there is a possibility that every player has to top up only 140 Diamonds.
  6. Top Up first for the nominal amount on Games or Online Services, the most important thing is not Illegal.
  7. After you do this Top Up, then check the previous Events section and Receive this gift.
  8. The emote will go straight to the Collection, for you to use later.
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How to Get the Big Smash Free Fire Emote is the Latest Event Mission

  1. In September 2021 there will be another event, maybe through this event we can get Emotes.
  2. In the past, there were also missions where the events that you had to complete were quite easy, then you could immediately collect cool Emotes.
  3. At most you can see it on the Event Tab too, but this thing is like playing missions or collecting tokens.
  4. Then only after you know what to do, all you have to do is complete the mission without any problems.
  5. Then if all the missions are completed then you can receive the prize.

Paid Web Events

  1. You have to use Diamond, if you remember the Emote Party Event there is a possibility that it will appear from here too.
  2. You will have to do the Spin first, before you can get the main prize.
  3. Maybe later this grand prize will be some of these Big Smash Bundles and Emotes.
  4. Use Diamond if you want regular and Special Spin.
  5. Have the gift immediately, then take full advantage of it and you can get many prizes later.

We all know that yesterday there was a Big Smash Free Fire Emote that gave great power, like hitting Pan from above to the ground. Until it causes a lot of loud noise, so that you may later be interested in having all of this.

What do you think? it’s better to just wait for its presence on the Indonesian server, maybe it will be released soon and we can get it.

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After knowing how to get the Big Smash Free Fire (FF) Emote, then just get ready to get it this way. Because one of the events or missions that you have to do too, may have the same elements later.

Don’t forget to try Free Fire’s Free Top Up Tips, so that later you can get lots of DMs and then we use them in new events now.

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