How to Get DJ Rig Statue Free Fire (FF)

To make it more lively, try How to Get DJ Rig Statue Free Fire (FF), because using this item the atmosphere of the game will be more exciting. Because there will be many prizes or other events that we can take advantage of, through Statues like this.

The events that are present in the Free Fire game are now diverse, even the theme of the Anniversary is indeed very resounding for us to have now. Even the presence of missions and also the latest bundle prizes, we really have to be able to have them before everything is finished.

Even if you want to take part in the 4nniversary Free Fire Event Schedule, there will be many good opportunities for you to take part. From here you may also get lots of prizes, even missions are quite easy for us to complete immediately.

Especially for the part of How to Get DJ Rig Statue Free Fire (FF), maybe you will be interested in having it right now. Moreover, if we use it, we can give quite a lot of additional gifts.

Just see how to do it in this article now.

How to Get DJ Rig Statue Free Fire (FF)

  1. You first log in to the Free Fire game, then select the Shop section on the left after entering it.
  2. Then you will be able to see the category section on the right, choose the item name for you to buy now.
  3. Later there will be a new Statue that has the name DJ Rig for us to buy.
  4. The price we need in this purchase is only 10 Diamonds, so you can directly buy 1 Item Statue as well.
  5. Then we can immediately look at the Vault section, to check directly this DJ Rig Statue and we will be ready to use it immediately.
  6. This statue can and is only installed on Spawn Island, but later there will be some Gacha prizes that we can get from the DJ Rig.
  7. If hockey can get 100 Dm, but if not it means only 5 Gold or 10 Gold only.
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So that you can have this Statue, of course, just follow the method that you can use now. The appearance of this skin gives the latest theme from 4nniversary which is present in 2021.

Maybe if you really like it, you can buy it right away and while the price is still cheap like that. Use it and know how to get Diamond Spawn Island Free Fire, if Hockey can give the main prize,

This sale period may last during the anniversary of the Free Fire game, but it can disappear or be replaced at any time. This one has a Robotic appearance and a Modern theme, unlike the Statue of Street Fighter Free Fire with an Arcade theme.

Then at the top there is also a Logo that says 4, as one of the newest commemorations for this Anniversary. On the left and right there is also a wave of Beats, it even has the color of the Skin Statue light up.

What do you think about this Statue item, is it interesting and should we have it now? Share happiness during this latest event. We may also receive lots of cool prizes, if we participate in the latest event in the Free Fire game.

Maybe for How to Get the DJ Rig Statue Free Fire (FF), there are some players who really like this item too much. Even for the appearance of the previous Skin, it has never been used, but then the old one will change into a new form.

Then you can also know how to install the Free Fire Statue, so that later every player who approaches can take the prize. In fact, this total is only a maximum of 10 prizes, so you have to be ready to fight.

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