How to Get Destiny Guardian Free Fire (FF) Surfboard

You can find out how to get the Destiny Guardian Free Fire (FF) Surfboard, maybe this will be a skin that you shouldn’t miss. When you already have the skin, it will probably provide a lot of changes when getting off the plane feels cooler.

Moreover, for now we may also present many new events, for you to use immediately and maybe there will be lots of prizes. Everyone who is present in the Free Fire game now, there are already many and you should try to use the event as best you can.

However, you may also be interested in trying the Free Fire x McLaren Part 2 Collaboration Event, because it will be released soon. It’s just that we have to wait for time first, before you get the event on the Indonesian server now.

Including how to get the Destiny Guardian Free Fire (FF) Surfboard, let’s have it right away and maybe you’ll like it then. Because the skin that is present for Surfboard, has a pretty cool and very attractive appearance.

How to Get Surfboard Destiny Guardian Free Fire (FF)

How to Get Surfboard Destiny Guardian Free Fire (FF)

Via Top Up

  1. For the first possibility, we may be able to get through Top Up.
  2. If you have logged in to the Free Fire game, you can select directly on the Right if there is an Event Tab.
  3. After you have that section, look for the Event Missions that are currently available for Top Up.
  4. When you get this event, just fill in as many diamonds as the event’s mission.
  5. If you have done this, claim the prize in the event earlier.
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Through Event Missions

  1. It is possible that later you will have to pass the Event first.
  2. The mission of this event may be that you have to do several things to get it.
  3. Check the Mission in the Events Tab now to have the reward now.
  4. Then after you participate in this event, claim the prize immediately and receive the surfboard skin.
  5. Look at the Collection section, if you really got this Skin at the Top Up Event earlier.

For these 2 possibilities, it can indeed happen in getting the Surfboard Skin, it’s just that we don’t know which one of them is correct. But there is also a possibility, if indeed this event will provide many prizes that are quite interesting.

Even in addition to the Surfboard Skin, you still have several chances to get some other main prizes. Maybe later there will be many other interesting things, so we can follow before we have the opportunity to get the latest Skin.

How to Get Surfboard Destiny Guardian Free Fire (FF)

Yesterday there was also a Destiny Guardian Free Fire Surfboard Skin Leak, meaning that if you really want to have this skin, you can immediately follow the event. Because this prize might be more profitable, even provide a large profit.

Will not make you worse, even more likely will change your appearance when you get off the plane later. Because there are some changes that you might be able to accept, when you have a Surfboard Skin like this later.

Just remember that there is also an XM8 Evolution Free Fire Skin that has a theme like this, so that later it can look cooler when playing.

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In fact, it would be appropriate if 2 combinations like this could be together, because they have the same theme.

You can find out how to get the Destiny Guardian Free Fire (FF) Surfboard, maybe you will have cooler skins when you get off the plane. Moreover, there are still some cool cool Skins, to take part in some new events that will be present right now.

Including knowing the Best Free Fire Landing Tips, so that later you won’t have any difficulties when you go down. The skin is good but the descent is careless, let’s avoid that when getting off the plane!

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