How to Get Deathbox Winterland Free Fire

Originally posted on January 4, 2021 @ 7:03 PM

Don’t miss out on how to get the Deathbox Winterland Free Fire (FF), this is one of the prizes that you certainly shouldn’t miss. Surely if you have succeeded in defeating the enemy, the Deathbox will appear as well.

The newest skin from this item will not make the players regret it. The thing is that we also know, if this Deathbox Skin can be used, we can use it in any competitive situation because it is easy to get it too.

There are already many events that appear in this game, Garena always provides many new things for the players to try. So that later the brand does not move from this game, so that they are still satisfied playing too.

Moreover, yesterday we had the OB25 Free Fire Update as well, where there were many interesting prizes that we could get later. So don’t miss all of this, for the future.

Deathbox Winterland Free Fire (FF)

So now we have the Airdrop Challenge Event, where it tells you to issue an Airdrop and get the main prize from the Event which is already ready to appear in the game, right.

In addition, we can find out how to get this Deathbox, you can get it by using Airdrop. Yup, because this existing Airdrop, you have to call it to get the prize later.

The deathbox has a cold effect and appearance of ice, so if you are thirsty you can get a special item from Winterland, which has been here since yesterday. All of these gifts were indeed good and benefited those players.

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In order for you to get this prize, there are a few things you need to be able to do first. Maybe you will be helped quickly, so you can immediately get the Deathbox main prize, too.

Here’s How to Get Deathbox Winterland Free Fire (FF):

  1. You have to prepare the Loadout Airdrop first, because that is the core of the Mission that is present today.
  2. When competing later, you must be able to survive until you are able to summon the Airdrop.
  3. When the airdrop appears and you can call it, the mission in this event can be completed slowly.

In the latest mission event now, we have to remove 5 Airdrops from the loadout. If the total required is sufficient, it means that in the future it will not be a problem for us to try to do it.

The prizes that you can get are indeed pretty good, where there are Scanner Loadout Items and Loot Crate Weapons that are presented only 2 pieces. Then in the last part, there is this Winterland Deathbox as well.

  1. It takes 1 Airdrop to get a Scanner
  2. It takes 3 Airdrops to get Loot Crate
  3. It takes 5 Airdrops to get Deathbox Winterland

Easy missions, can even be completed quickly. You must be able to play immediately and make the mission and the prize can be obtained quickly.

Don’t miss the excitement of this event, because of all that, the prizes you can have are quite diverse.

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Even though later you have to call the Airdrop, when it arrives, don’t ignore it. The problem is that Free Fire’s Best Loadout Item is still a part of the Airdrop Item Caller as well.

In this way, don’t miss this latest event, because it will only take place from the 4th to the 10th of January 2021.

Always update the Free Fire game, so you don’t miss other interesting things. So you don’t miss it, just follow the news on Instagram right now.

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