How to get Crimson Green Free Fire (FF) clothes

You have to know how to get the Crimson Green Free Fire (FF) shirt, one of the new event prizes right now. Of course we probably won’t want to ignore the gift, so we don’t feel the spirit of the event because we give a cool Crimson Green shirt.

Moreover, there are also several other new events, finish them soon to get much more prizes. The mission will not be difficult if you do it right, moreover the prizes are also resolved by the players quickly.

Then just know first part of the FFML Season IV Free Fire Event Schedule, maybe it will help to know what the mission is now. Since the prize may also be different for you to get, then have the prize and you won’t want to miss it.

Including how to get Crimson Green Free Fire (FF) clothes, it’s easy and of course easy for players to get. After all, the missions that appear will not be too difficult for the players, as long as they really want to finish everything correctly.

How to get Crimson Green Free Fire (FF) clothes

  1. Players will be able to take part in this event on September 23-25, 2021.
  2. You must first login to the Free Fire game then select the Event Tab section to the right of the game lobby.
  3. Then if it’s like this, you just look for the event category called FFML Ready.
  4. Open it and find out the mission that the player must complete in order to get this Skin, namely Cumulative Play.
  5. This mission will make you have to play the Free Fire game within the allotted time to get prizes.
  6. Then after playing in any mode (except training) you have done it, you can claim the clothes.
  7. The prize will be sent directly into the Vault Feature.
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After you already know how to get it, of course we have to finish it immediately when the event has started. Getting the main prize of the Crimson Green shirt is really cool, especially if you really like clothes like this in the Free Fire game.

Because in addition to the clothes prize, you will also get other things if you complete this Cumulative Play. Maybe the gift really helps the players if they need additional gifts.

How to get Crimson Green Free Fire (FF) clothes

The reasons we will get in this event are as follows:

Play 20 Minutes: 3 Gold Royale Tickets

Play 40 Minutes: 1 FFML Gold Token

Play 60 Minutes: Crimson Green Shirt and 1 FFML Gold Token

Play 80 Minutes: 2 Incubator Royale Tickets

We have to get a variety of gifts soon, maybe this will make your appearance feel more attractive. So it’s time for us to try this method ourselves to get the prize, because this is quite easy.

Just play and receive prizes, surely no one will want to refuse an event like this and the prizes are also quite a lot. However, because the event lasts for a short time, it means you have to finish it immediately so that we get the prize right away.

What do the players themselves think, is this event really cool? of course.

After you know how to get the Crimson Green Free Fire (FF) shirt, it’s time to start playing within 80 minutes. We collect all the prizes that are in the event, so that nothing is missed and maybe you will like it too.

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Especially to know how to get FFML Bronze and Silver Free Fire Tokens, there will be many prizes if you exchange them. Because of the gift, you will feel even more excited.

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