How to Get Azure Loot Crate Free Fire (FF)

Try directly How to Get Azure Loot Crate Free Fire (FF), is one that you can use now. Maybe in the future you also want to try, and to have this Bundle through this method later.

Especially now that we can also see a lot of Themes and Events, for you to try and use when competing later. Not just one, but there will be many new events and various missions for us to complete in a short time.

Because for the Free Fire 4nniversary Event Schedule, we always give lots of cool prizes that are very easy to get. If you are also diligent in playing this game, maybe in the future it will be very easy to play.

Especially for How to Get Azure Loot Crate Free Fire (FF), every player has the opportunity to try it now. Can have a cool gift, even quite good.

Check out the information directly in the article now.

How to Get Azure Loot Crate Free Fire (FF)

  1. You must first login to the Free Fire game, to be able to get a new item that is releasing now.
  2. Then after being in the Lobby of the game, you can just select the section called Shop on the Left to shop for the latest items.
  3. Then you can select the section called Crate at the top to find this Azure.
  4. Because Azure Loot Crate is a new item, you can already see at the very top that the price is 40 Diamonds only.
  5. If you like this Bundle, of course, you can buy it right away, but it’s ridiculous to provide 10 Boxes so that the Hockey will increase later.
  6. After buying, open it immediately and maybe one of them can give you a permanent main prize, usually Change for a small amount.
  7. This prize will go directly into the Free Fire Vault, whether it is a Permanent prize or not.
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For those of you who forgot to get this Bundle yesterday, now is the best time to get it too. It probably wouldn’t sound so bad, when using a Girl Bundle called Azure now.

Because of the appearance that you will receive, it turns out to be very good and may give an interesting impression now. Of course, using the Most Beautiful Free Fire Character will be more fitting, especially from this bundle that also has a charming female appearance.

Players can also use Hockey Tips to Open Crate Free Fire, so that the opportunity to get this prize will be even easier. Moreover, it will look more different, when you try it yourself.

In this Loot Crate there are some prizes that are not permanent, but if it’s hockey, it will definitely feel very different. This bundle used to appear in free events, many participated in the event and had this.

Only Garena seemed to see a lot of people who didn’t have one either, so they finally made the Loot Crate now. Giving a second chance for players who don’t have it yet, so that later we can have this bundle.

How? Are you interested in trying and trying to buy the Loot Crate? hopefully Hockey and can be permanent immediately.

After knowing How to Get Azure Loot Crate Free Fire (FF), you can try it yourself if you’re curious. Because the Skins or Bundles that are present, do give a different appearance.

Also try a Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips now, so that your chances of getting prizes later will be easier. Even you will not find it difficult, to do it later if you know these tips.

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