How to Get Aloy Character in Genshin Impact, Can it be Free?

How to Get Aloy Character in Genshin Impact, Can it be Free?

Aloy was announced as a character who will appear in the next Genshin Impact. Aloy is a character from another game, Horizon Zero Dawn.

You could say this Aloy character will be the first collaboration character from Genshin Impact. Of course, many are surprised by this.

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The announcement of the arrival of this character has been officially announced directly by miHoYo through the Genshin Impact Facebook page.

And this Aloy character is confirmed to be a character with a Bow weapon (according to the original) and uses Cryo elements.

And the good news is Aloy will be a character that you can get for free later.

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How to Get Aloy Character in Genshin Impact

source: FB Genshin Impact

As stated on the Genshin Impact facebook page. How to get the character Aloy ” “Savior From Another World” is as follows.

  • First traveler (your character must have an Adventure Rank Lv. 20 and above and get this character directly from your Game Mail.
  • However, you can’t play this character right away for PC, Android and iOS users, because initially this character will be present for the PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®5 platforms which will be sent after the version 2.1 update until before the maintenance version 2.2 on October 13, 2021. .
  • But for PC, Android or iOS users, you don’t need to be afraid even if you are left behind but you can get this character via your mail in the next update, which is after the version 2.2 update until before the maintenance version 2.3 on November 24, 2021.
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Well, that’s how to get Aloy’s character in Genshin Impact for free. So, you don’t have to worry about not getting this one character. Because this character is very special and you can have it for free.

But you shouldn’t be late for your Genshin Impact login, because it can make you fail to get this one character.

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