How to Get a Tesla Car in PUBG Mobile for Free 2021!

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This is how for those of you who want to get a Tesla mobile on PUBG Mobile for free without buying the skin. How to do? Let’s Listen!

As you know, PUBG Mobile is currently collaborating with Tesla, where the result of this collaboration is of course the Tesla Mobile skin even to the in-game factory.

Now for how to get a Tesla car on PUBG Mobile, there are two ways, the first way is to buy the skin and the second way is to make the car aka get it for free.

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SPIN Esports will discuss the second way, which is to get a free Tesla car, the method is very easy, you know, look carefully.

How to Get a Free Tesla Car on PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile new vehicle
Photo via PUBG Mobile

For your own way, you only need to follow a few steps, then you can get the Tesla car.

  • Make sure you play in Ignition mode on PUBG Mobile.
  • Jump straight to the location with the Tesla “Garage” logo, there are many ko on the map.
  • If you have reached the location then activate the 3 switches, 2 switches at the top and 1 switch at the bottom.
  • Done, instantly the Tesla mobile will be processed and you can use it right away.

It’s very easy for spinners to get the Mobile Tesla for free, right? One more tip from SPIN Esports, don’t loot everywhere to get this Tesla mobile.

So when you’re on the plane, just jump into the Tesla garage and loot there, because there’s a lot of good loot there.

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For more details, you can watch the video below, spinners!

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