How to Get 3000 Diamond Free Fire (FF) for Free on Advance Server July 2021

You must know that there are 3000 Free Diamond Free Fire (FF) on the Advance Server July 2021, which you really have to try and get now.

Because by having the 3000 Diamond prize, it will definitely bring a total profit that can be used by the players right now.

Where for the latest events like that, it will make all of you more enthusiastic to play the Free Fire game.

Moreover, there are still many challenges from the missions given today, they are quite easy and sometimes there are some that are difficult too.

Especially for the problem of when to start and finish the July Free Fire 2021 Advance Server, you also have to know that so you can take part in this event.

From here we do have a chance, get a lot of Diamond prizes.

So that’s why 3000 Free Diamond Free Fire (FF) on Advance Server July 2021 can indeed be used quite well by you too.

Curious? just see how below.

3000 Diamond Free Fire (FF) Free on Advance Server July 2021

So for now, the Free Fire July 2021 Advance Server registration has been opened, where you can now register directly.

Of course, with the presence of this free 3000 Diamond Free Fire, it will make all of you more interested in owning it too.

Because indeed from the 3000 Diamond prize like that, the players must follow the conditions which play in the latest Advance Server.

In July 2021 right now, we will have many new opportunities to get the main prize in this cool event.

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This is how you have to do, if you want to get the Diamond.

  1. Login Advance Server July 2021

    You all have to play first in the latest Free Fire Advance Server, because it has become a mandatory requirement to do so now.

  2. Looking for Bugs in Advance Server July 2021

    After you do this, you can immediately take advantage of the server by looking for various bugs that appear in the OB29 Update.

  3. Check All Advance Updates July 2021

    When you enter this Advance Server, you can immediately check all new updates from the upcoming Free Fire game.

  4. Screen Shot Bug Free Fire

    Then if you later find a bug, it can be used for screenshots or recording as evidence.

  5. Upload Photos to Garena

    Upload the photos and videos, using the link to be sent directly to Garena.

  6. Find Bugs Up to 10x

    Keep looking for lots of bugs, then the chance to get this 3000 Diamond can be even greater.

  7. There are 3 levels of Free Diamond

    Garena also provides 3 Tiers of the Diamond Prize, from the smallest to 1000 and the highest to 3000 Diamonds.

  8. Keep Looking For Advance Server Bugs

    Take advantage of the currently open Advance Server, for those of you who have always been looking for bugs and reporting them to Garena.

  9. Finished

    In this way, all the prizes can be obtained.

Therefore, you must follow the method first, so that later you can get this large number of Diamond prizes as well.

We will have many great opportunities, to be able to win the game mode for you to take advantage of right now.

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So you must also know how to download the Free Fire Advance Server now, so that later when you want to enter the server it can be done.

It will be very fast, if you do it right when following the mission given by Garena right now.

By getting a gift like this, maybe this is something you should take advantage of right now.

After knowing 3000 Free Diamond Free Fire (FF) on Advance Server July 2021, then you can relax and join this event.

That way, 3000 Diamonds can definitely be used, for those of you who want to buy the coveted Bundle that will be purchased immediately later.

Not only that, you have to be able to know the latest Pet Ninja Tiger Free Fire which you have to try later.

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