How to Force a Program to Use the Nvidia GPU

Have you ever opened a program or game that didn’t detect the Nvidia GPU on your computer/laptop? So the program uses integrated graphics which is less than optimal for purposes. But with a little bit of coercion, surely the Nvidia GPU can be used for the program.

The meaning of “force” here is good action so that the program can run simultaneously with the Nvidia GPU. A few examples such as the Adobe Photoshop program which does not detect the Nvidia GPU on the computer, now it can be forced so that the GPU can run on the Photoshop program.

And of course the method that will be shared here is 100% safe without any risk though. Because the procedure directly uses the features provided by Nvidia to limit what programs can be run with the GPU.

How to Force Programs to Use Nvidia GPU

By default in Nvidia settings, all programs are set as Auto. And usually Nvidia can immediately detect which program requires a GPU or simply Integrated Graphics.

So this tutorial will set so that a program is not set to Auto and directly use the Nvidia GPU. Please see and practice the steps below:

  1. On the desktop please right click and select NVIDIA Control Panel.

    Select NVIDIA Control Panel

  2. Click menu Manage 3D Settings.

    Click Manage 3D Settings

  3. Then in the “I would like to use the following 3D settings“Please choose Program Settings.

    Select Program Settings

  4. Select the program. And then set it as High Performance NVIDIA Processor.

    Forcing Programs to Use Nvidia GPU

  5. The last step, click the button Apply and run the program.

    How to Force a Program to Use Nvidia GPU

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Now surely the program can detect the Nvidia GPU properly. But if it still doesn’t detect it, please restart the computer first and then run the program.

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You only need to change Nvidia settings for certain programs from Auto to Nvidia GPU only. Usually GPU statistics can also be viewed through the Task Manager, to find out whether it was successful or not based on the load.

And if there is no NVIDIA Control Panel option on the desktop, please right-click on the Nvidia icon located on the toolbar, and after that select NVIDIA Control Panel.

Go to NVIDIA Control Panel Via Toolbar

Hopefully useful and good luck

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