How to find out all the images in a GIF file

GIF is a type in the image that has several images in one file that are displayed in sequence according to the specified time. GIF can create moving images without requiring the user to have a adobe on each device used.

Many people create GIF images using tools and without it, they won’t be able to make it easy, and likewise for editing the image also has to be done from a tool and after that make it move as attractive as possible. Graphics created in GIF files are very low, because they have various kinds in them so that they are minimized to be small in size and quality. GIF files can be viewed in almost all popular browsers in the world.

GIF images can be displayed on a site and not all browsers including low quality phones can read every movement, of the image. For example, please see the image below.!

GIF Animation

If the image above moves, then the browser used supports GIF images. And the picture above in it there are only a few pictures that are combined into one and then displayed in sequence. Knowing each of the images above or in other GIF images, can be easily done online and very easily, please see the method below.!

  1. First of all prepare the GIF image that you want to see each image in it.

  2. Then upload the GIF image to Because imgur can support GIF images to be saved.

  3. If it has been uploaded, please copy the direct URL, for example like this.

  4. After that, go straight to the target site, that is

  5. Then a column will appear that is asked to fill in the URL. Please fill in the column with Imgur Direct URL earlier. And just click the button fetch.

  6. Wait until loading is complete and after that all the images in the GIF image will appear. If you want to save just right click and save.

  7. It can also be directly simple, by using a link like this in the address bar.

    Just replace the URL that is colored green, with the Direct URL that was saved earlier.

With the help of the site GIF-Explode, can help show all the images saved in the GIF image. There are many websites like this, but I prefer this one because that site also supports it authentication which is intended for taking pictures from facebook, flickr, picasa, etc.

Mobile users may look for application browsers that support GIF images on internet sites. For that, use the app UC Browser which has a variety of interesting features and of course supports GIF images :D, Download directly here :mrgreen:

Hopefully useful and good luck

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