How to Find Hidden Files in Windows 7

Each file as well as a folder has its own permission, where the file or folder can be edited, or read. And it is also commonly referred to as chmod. On a PC, there is also a way to change chmod so that files or folders will not be read and actually can still be read if you set them correctly on the folder options on the PC. Even mobile phones can do this and even though the file won’t be read, it’s actually because it’s not allowed as a readable so that the file or folder will not appear on the list.

There is also a problem that refers to files that are hidden automatically and this usually occurs in a memory or flash drive that has corrupted data in it and one solution is to fully format it. Then if the PC itself also uses this method to restrict users from accessing the interior, as is the case with files savegame. Because most of a game, save files savegame is in a hidden folder which the user will not know unless set in folder options.

Easy way find hidden files and folders on PC is to set folder options which basically this feature is provided directly from Windows 7 and does not need any software help to do it. Similarly, the procedure for displaying the format or extension of each file also requires this folder option feature to run it, although other file management software can also, but using the default features is much more practical and does not burden the PC. Here’s how to show hidden files or folders on a PC.

  1. First – first please turn on the PC and just click START, type Folder Options and ENTER.

    How to Find Hidden Folders and Files on PC

  2. A popup will appear and please click on the tab View which is between General and Search.

    How to Find Hidden Folders and Files on PC

  3. Now in the Advanced Settings section, please scroll down and find the options Hidden files and folders, below there are 2 options to set it, please select on Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

    How to Find Hidden Folders and Files on PC

  4. The last stage, just click OK and see, surely folders that were not seen before can appear with a little icon shape transparent.

    How to Find Hidden Folders and Files on PC

  5. And to restore it to its original state, just do the steps from the beginning and in part 2 of the options, please select as Don’t show hidden files, folders, and drives.

    How to Find Hidden Folders and Files on PC

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Pretty easy isn’t it? There’s no need to use additional software to do this and there’s a lot more to do with Folder Options and not just a hidden file viewer. With show hidden files and folders, the user can see a savedata of games played in directory C:UsersNAMAPCAppDataLocal. There is a location where usually a game saves its data and the user can freely do anything, for example changing files value or even change it to something else. If you have something to ask, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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