How to Enable Flash Player in Opera PC Browser

Flash content that usually appears on websites is used for many things, of course, the flash content will add a feature to the website and one of them is playing videos. Play videos with Adobe Flash Player it is fairly fast and stable, even most of the websites that are used to broadcast live stream also use adobe flash player, Youtube is no exception.

If on most browsers, the flash plugin is already available activated automatically if the user has installed the Adobe Flash Player program. The problem is that some browsers still can’t use the flash plugin to run on the website, one of which is Opera. Actually, Opera also has settings to make this plugin active or requires permission every time there is a website that displays flash content.

But even if the user has set the flash plugin to keep it active in the privacy settings, it will not make this flash plugin work fully and still requires confirmation every time there is flash content to be opened. And maybe it won’t appear on some websites too streaming and the user will be given a per image display frames only and not from flash content. To overcome this is very easy.

  1. First of all, please enter the Opera browser and first make sure the computer that the user is currently using has Adobe Flash Player installed. If not, please download Adobe Flash Player first.

  2. Next type opera://plugins on address bar. And will be directed to the specific plugin settings for the Opera browser.

    How to Activate Adobe Flash Player on Opera Browser

  3. Look for a plugin named Adobe Flash Player and definitely under it there is an unchecked checkbox. So users can simply tick the checkbox to activate this Flash plugin to function properly in Opera.

    How to Activate Adobe Flash Player on Opera Browser

  4. After that restart the Opera browser and try to open flash content on the website, surely now there is no need for confirmation to activate the flash plugin and it can appear instantly.

After doing the above method, users can set it again in the privacy settings in Opera in the plugin section so that they want to display flash content directly or want to confirm first. If you want to save data, it would be better to confirm first because this flash content is the same as streaming video where the connection will continue to flow and the quota can run out quickly.

If on Youtube, the site uses 2 types of video players, the first is flash content and the second is HTML5 content. If the user asks which is better, flash and HTML5? I don’t know and it seems that nowadays most websites use HTML5, for example, movie player sites like Prime Videos and Netflix. While this flash content can usually be used to adjust the video quality in order to launch the video on a fairly medium connection. Also, let’s read how to install flash player on android

Hopefully useful and good luck

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