How to Enable Emoji in Windows 10

How to Enable Emoji in Windows 10

The emoji feature on Windows has actually been available since Windows 8, but it still looks black and white and colorless, and its use is quite complicated because it has to activate touch keyboard.

Whereas in Windows 10 the use of emojis is made easier with the help of shortcuts to instantly display the entire emoji. And best of all, you can search for emojis with the keywords you’re currently typing.

If you still don’t know how to use it, this article will explain how to do it. That way, you can use or search for emojis quickly with just the keyboard and no longer need to use a mouse.

How to Use Emojis in Windows 10

To start using emojis in Windows 10, please press the button WINDOWS and ; (semicolon) simultaneously. If you’re confused about what the button looks like, here’s an illustration.

Image of Keyboard to Enable Emoji in Windows 10

Well, after that the emoji box will appear on the screen and you can directly type something, then the system will automatically choose the right emoji. For example when you type heart, of course, all the heart emojis will appear later.

Heart Emoji in Windows 10

You can search for emojis with arrow keys on the keyboard. And to select it, press the button ENTER. Meanwhile, if you want to get rid of the emoji dialog, just press the button ESC.

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Overcome Can’t Search Emoji with Keyword

When typing a keyword and no results appear, even though I have tried typing one character, for example “a“Of course, it’s most likely due to the feature Basic Typing not downloaded in language settings.

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To enable Basic Typing, please go to:

Settings > Time & Language > Language

Enabling Basic Typing in Windows 10

In the Language section, please click on Indonesian and click the button Options. After that click the button Download on Basic Typing. Wait for the download process to complete.

Now try to type the keyword again, of course now the emoji that matches the keyword will appear. But if it still doesn’t appear, please check the keyboard language on toolbar and change from English Becomes English.

Changing the Keyboard Language on the Toolbar

Hopefully useful and good luck

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