How to Enable Developer Mode on Android 4.0 and above

Enabling Developer Mode On Android

Developer Mode on Android, often found on OS 4.0 and above, by activating this feature, means users can access features that are more like US Debugging. This feature is deliberately hidden and to display all menus from this developer mode, you must also use a very easy way, which is just clack-click. This developer feature is specifically for users who feel they are already proficient in operating Android, for example, they want to try to make Android into a tool that connects to other devices, for example computers/laptops, of course they can. By enabling USB Debugging, all functions on Android can be detected on the computer.

Most people display this developer mode only to enable USB Debugging, whether to make changes to the phone system, ROOT with software on a computer, or something else that leads to Android phones. The best thing about enabling USB Debugging This means that the cellphone can still be detected even if the cellphone is in a state of death or error. For example bootloop, of course it only goes to the logo, but if you have enabled USB Debugging, you can directly operate it like a remote, for example, do a factory reset, of course it will be very easy.

But there’s also bad things about enabling USB Debugging this is a virus. Every virus that enters suddenly must not be seen with the direct eye, and only antivirus can see it, and block it, but if it has entered and is not detected, of course it will be even more difficult. So you should enable USB Debugging not forever, and only when you want to change a custom ROM, or other operations (change font, systemUI, framework-res) which seems a little dangerous. That way, if the phone has an error, it can still be corrected itself, unless there is CWM (recovery) for sure if it’s a bootloop, just restore it.

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I myself have been helped by activating USB Debugging when at that time my phone was not ROOT and suddenly the bootloop was not clear, even though the phone was not ROOT, it might be a system error. Then I try to plug it into the PC and go into recovery and as a result it can be detected properly. Just do a factory reset and the phone is back like new again and doesn’t bootloop. So now you must have understood the advantages and disadvantages of enabling USB Debugging, and before activating, there are how to show developer mode menu, because the USB Debugging feature is on the menu. Here is the procedure, please see below.

  1. First of all, please open your Android phone and go to Settings

  2. If it’s already in Settings, please scroll down and find the menu About Phone

  3. After that on the About Phone page, please scroll to the bottom until you meet the section Build Number

  4. Note that the Build Number text isn’t clickable, but it actually can. Please click for 7 times or 10 times, it will appear that developer mode is active.

  5. To go to developer mode, please return to Settings and scroll to the bottom, there will be a new menu named Developer Options

It’s easy isn’t it? I remind you once again, that This developer mode feature can only be found on Android 4.0 and above, and for below it may not exist and features similar to USB Debugging must already be in the Security or Privacy menu. The Developer Options menu will continue to exist, and to get rid of it, you can do a factory reset. It’s better to be careful when setting on the menu, because this feature is specifically for those who already understand the core of Android’s structure, so I remind you not to set it carelessly so that the phone is in normal condition. Here I don’t want to scare users to activate this feature, because I have activated it myself. But just a suggestion, for the USB Debugging section, don’t always activate it, just at certain times like my suggestion above. If you have something to ask, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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