How to Earn Money Just by Writing on UC News

After the UC Union was held, now PT Alibaba, which includes the owner of a browser application called UC Browser, has made another special money-making site for writers named UC We Media. Actually this is not only in Indonesia, but also in India as well. Since 2021, UC We Media has been presented and since then a lot of people have made a lot of money there.

UC We Media selects each entry and if appropriate, then the article will be published in a news application called UC News. So users don’t need to have any site and that’s it most importantly can write a news or article. It would be great if it was news, but don’t forget to also write other articles like entertainment or a tutorial and such.

So how is this UC News system? They will counting every visitor who comes and the more visitors to the article, the more money you will get.

For now, the value of the number of visitors also cannot be a benchmark for how many results are added, because sometimes even though there are many visitors, the results obtained are also uncertain and it may also depend on the nature of the visitor, such as the length of time the visitor has been in the article or others.

How to Earn Money Just by Writing on UC News

How do I apply to be a writer at UC News? It’s very easy, users just go to UC We Media. After registering, users are expected to wait at least 5 days or a maximum of 1 week and will be given a welcome message if accepted by UC We Media.

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Some people say that it will take longer to get accepted if you register without referral link, so I also suggest that and users can register via the link I provided above. And if it is accepted, the first step that must be done is to make an article.

Make sure the writing that is made does not copy from other website content, because later it can be corrected and not accepted as a copyright reason.

This article received by UC We Media is definitely the result of the user’s own handwriting without copying other website content. But if for pictures, you can take it from google and don’t forget to include source the image.

How to Earn Money Just by Writing on UC News

For the first time, published articles must get 1000 visitors so that users get a bonus money of $ 4.5 and after that it remains only to increase visitors up to 2000 within 7 days to be able to monetize the account so that it can be used to earn money later.

Every result obtained will be updated once a week, usually Wednesday, so don’t get me wrong if the balance doesn’t increase even though there are many visitors.

What is the minimum payment? For now, UC We Media provides 2 types of payment methods, namely Bank and Payooner. For payments through Payooner only approx $10, whereas if through the bank is $100.

Payments are made once a month and if this is the first time, the user must attach a photo proof of identity such as an ID card or driver’s license according to the account name and requires processing approval only about 3 days.

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Interested in wanting to earn money just by writing? What are you waiting for, join now at UC We Media and write as many articles as you can and don’t forget that quality is the most important thing to make visitors like and who knows these visitors follow the user account. To register, click

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Hopefully useful and good luck

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