How to Download Multiple Files at Once with IDM

How to Download Multiple Files at Once with IDM

Isn’t it very difficult to download a file one by one from tens or even hundreds of files? For example, downloading a file on FTP, website, or others. But this can be minimized with the help of IDM.

Internet Download Manager or abbreviated as IDM has feature to download dozens of files at once. This is a clever feature that will help users save time just to download a lot of files.

What is needed is only a collection of links. So from the collection of links that have been copied, IDM can immediately detect each file to be downloaded. But please note that this feature has its limitations as well.

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Downloading Dozens of Files at Once Using IDM

I think from reading the article above, the user has understood what it takes to do this. That is just a collection of copied links. If users are still confused about it, please see the tutorial below.

  1. First, the user has to copy each URL on the notepad. Make sure the URL is pasted per line or for example like this.

    How to Download Multiple Files at Once on IDM

  2. If so, the user can simply copy all the links by pressing the button CTRL+A then press CTRL+C.

  3. Now open IDM, and press on option Task => Add multiple downloads at once from clipboard.

    How to Download Multiple Files at Once on IDM

  4. Automatically, IDM will detect each link earlier and the user can press the button Check All to select all files. And continue by pressing the button OK.

    How to Download Multiple Files at Once on IDM

  5. Still not finished, there will definitely be a dialog for the queue, just select it as Queue synchronization. Then press the button again OK.

    How to Download Multiple Files at Once on IDM

  6. Now the download will definitely run.

Since the above is only a tutorial, the picture shown is only limited to a few links. But believe me that the download feature at once on this IDM can download up to hundreds of files.

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Limitations in Using the Download Feature at once in IDM

As I said above, this feature has limitations too. That the user can not download any link. Because this feature is only for public link or something direct link or a link that doesn’t require access browser cookies.

So the user must ensure that the link to be downloaded is truly public and does not require authentication, because this will only make it difficult for the user later.

And the method above uses options Queue synchronization, this is so that files can be downloaded at once, and this requires a slightly large connection if each file has a large size.

However the user can also change the options Queue synchronization be different depending on the state of the internet connection you have. If you have any questions about the above, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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