How to Do Monster Movement Tricks in PUBG Mobile

This time we will discuss how to do the Monster Movement trick in PUBG Mobile. This trick is quite complicated for you to do because it requires fast finger movements while maintaining aim.

PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game that has millions of active players spread all over the world. The advantage of this game is the realistic gameplay it offers. This game provides quite a variety of movement possibilities, especially in the context of combat activities.

By maximizing the movement of characters in this game, players can create varied movements. It allows players to create movement tricks.

How to do the Monster Movement Trick in PUBG Mobile

Monster Movement is a trick where PUBG Mobile players perform random movements. The goal is to make the enemy fooled so that it is difficult to target the player who uses this trick.

This trick is indeed very useful in 1v1 battles in open areas. That’s because in open areas players can’t find barriers to protect themselves. Therefore, players must keep moving to avoid enemy fire.

Common tricks in this case are for example Jiggle Movement tricks or also movement tricks while shooting such as Jump Shot tricks or Drop Shot tricks. In addition, there is also a Monster Movement trick which can be called a follow-up trick of the Jiggle Movement trick.

In the Jiggle Movement trick, you just need to move right and left of your character in the game. While in this Monster Movement trick, it’s not only movement but also your point of view.

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In moving the character, the player can use the in-game joystick. Navigate the character by moving the joystick left or right.

However, to change the direction or point of view of the character, players must slide their smartphone screen. Players can slide the screen to the right or left so that the character will point according to the direction of sliding the screen.

The movement of the character to the left and right coupled with the random direction of the character’s gaze will make your character’s movements in the game erratic. That’s why this trick has the name Monster Movement because the random movements are like monsters.

Do the Monster Movement Trick While Running

how to do the Monster Movement trick

To perform the Monster Movement trick, the player must run. The goal is that when the random movement occurs, the player does not just stand still but goes to a certain place.

Although this trick is a continuation of the Jiggle Movement trick, the function of the Monster Movement trick is different. That’s because this trick is actually only useful for escaping.

When doing this monster movement trick, players will find it difficult to aim. That’s because not only because the characters are constantly moving, but also because the screen is erratic and can’t stay still.

That will make it very difficult for you to aim. Therefore this trick actually helps you to avoid enemy fire. Especially in 1v1 battles in open areas in the game.

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