How to Create a New Account in Mobile Legends 2021, No Need to Download Again!

How to Create a New Account in Mobile Legends 2021, No Need to Download Again!

Have you ever thought about creating a new account on Mobile Legends? Maybe some of you have just been constrained because you need to download the Mobile Legends game again.

Well, for Spinners who really want to create a mixed account but are constrained by this. Here SPIN Esports wants to provide the latest way in 2021 to create a new account in Mobile Legends.

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You just need to follow the steps below, it’s guaranteed to be fast and you don’t need to download again.

Steps to Create a New Mobile Legends Account

First of all you have to prepare first, namely:

  • Link Your Old Account (So You Don’t Lose Your Old Account) Can be to Google, VK, Moonton and others.
  • Downloaded Full Data
  • Your Mobile Legends application is the most updated

Before going into the step of making it, you have to make sure these 3 conditions have been met.

Back-up Your Mobile Legends Data

You have to back up your data by changing the Mobile Legends data file. You go to the file manager and select Android>>Data>>Choose File>>Change File Name so

Delete Your Mobile Legends Application Data

After that, you have to delete your Mobile Legends application data, by going to Settings>>select Application Management>>select Mobile Legends>>select Clear Data

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Give Mobile Legends Application Permission

You can select all permissions for your Mobile Legends application by selecting app permission in your Mobile Legends application. Allow everything like Calendar, Contacts and more.

Clear Google Play Services Data

Mobile Legends New Account

First you have to download “Play Service Info” If it’s not already in your app. Then enter the application and go to Storage Usage and select Manage Space then select Erase All Data.

Change File Name Back to Original

Mobile Legends New Account

Change the name of the file that you changed before, namely Becomes, by logging back into File Manager>>Android>>data.

Done You Can Directly Login to Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends New Account
source: Mobile Legends

Yes, all steps are complete and you can log in to Mobile Legends and create your new Mobile Legends account.

Those are the steps to create a new account in Mobile Legends in 2021. Hope this helps.

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