How to Control Notifications on Facebook Account

How to Control Notifications on Facebook Account

Increasingly, Facebook is not only growing as a medium to find friends. But it can also be used to get the latest news that is popular in cyberspace. Various types of Pages are available there, such as news, humor, or something else. That’s what makes Facebook even more alive.

But with the many changes that Facebook has, of course, until now Facebook is still a medium for finding friends and friends communicate for free. Every time there is a friend request, or a new message, a notification will be sent to the device or even an email.

Some people don’t want relatively insignificant notifications sent to their device or email. And the good news is that everyone can control notifications on their Facebook account, so they can choose what types of notifications they want to get.

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Tutorial on Controlling Notifications on Facebook Account

This method can be done via mobile or computer. You can set notifications as you wish, such as muting incoming messages, muting all notifications to emails, and more.

Here’s how to control notifications on Facebook:

  1. Open Facebook via the browser and then go to the section Arrangement

  2. Click on options Notifications

    Tutorial on Controlling Notifications on Facebook Account

  3. Now several menus will appear, this is where you can control notifications

    Tutorial on Controlling Notifications on Facebook Account

The menus available include On Facebook, E-mail, Mobile, and SMS. Just select what type of notification you want to set.

If for example want to mute incoming messages, please select an option Edit on the menu On Facebook and then in the “Turn on sound when message is receivedPlease press the On button and change it to Disabled.

Disabling Facebook Message Sound Notifications

Just like the others, just need to change from On to Off and vice versa. Just set everything up so that using Facebook can be more comfortable because you don’t get distracted by notifications that you feel are less important.

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Why Still Getting Facebook Notifications in Email?

If all notifications for email have been turned off, it may take a while until Facebook will no longer send email messages. But be aware that Facebook may still send notifications regarding account security via email.

For example, when you do Login from a different device, Facebook will consider it suspicious, so this will be a security notification that will be sent via email.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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