How to Change Youtube Views to Old Versions and vice versa

How to Change Youtube Views to Old Versions and vice versa

Youtube is the most complete video place on the internet. Almost every viral video is always on Youtube right then and there. Even with this Youtube, ordinary people can earn their own income even though they are at home or rather become a Youtuber.

The red Youtube view, has now become very red and looks striking. But in the new display, it also provides advantages and convenience in various aspects that are not found in the old version of Youtube.

But some people prefer to use the old look for its own reasons. Could be them get used to the old look and feel more comfortable when watching videos. Because in this new display, the changes made by Youtube are very significant.

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What are the Changes in the New Youtube View?

Apart from being seen from the design alone, Youtube also presents new features that will make users feel a different sensation from the previous display. When viewed from the computer display, the changes are not too significant like on a cellphone.

  • Dark Mode – Or it can be said as Night Mode This is because it will make the entire display dark and it is perfect if the user feels that the Youtube display is too flashy.
  • Gesture – This addition is available for mobile devices, so users don’t have to bother pressing the loading bar to skip that section and can use right and left gestures directly on the video on the screen.
  • Various Easy-to-Reach Options – If previously options such as video selection by country were at the bottom, they are now available when the user presses the profile icon on the top right. In addition there are also many other options such as changing accounts and looking more stylish.
  • There is a Collection or Library Menu – There are two new menus in this collection section, namely features Watch Later and List of Liked Videos. While the History menu has been around for a long time.
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Actually there are many more advantages of the new Youtube display, but if explained here it will also be very long.

Changing Youtube View to Old Version

Why should I change to an older version? Isn’t this latest version better and there’s something new? That’s what people usually say. But if I myself choose the old version because it is helped by the Youtube Plus add-on which will add more Youtube features than the new Youtube version right now.

  1. Go to Youtube and tap on the user’s Google profile icon. Eating will appear many menus there.

    How to Change Youtube Views to Old Version

  2. Select on menu Back to Old Youtube to change the view of the old version of Youtube.

    How to Change Youtube Views to Old Version

  3. Then a dialog will appear, just select the option I Choose Not to Answer and click send. And Youtube views will return to the original.

    How to Change Youtube Views to Old Version

It’s easy, as I said above that various options are getting easier to reach in the profile icon section. If on the old version of Youtube, when the user presses the profile icon, it will only display the feature to change another account.

Changing Youtube Views to the New Version

Are users already bored with the old display but don’t know how to change the display to the new version? Take it easy because here I will guide you how and guaranteed very easy. Just take a look below.

  1. Visit page Youtube New. That is the page where the latest version of Youtube can be activated.

  2. Continue by pressing the button Get it Now and instantly the Youtube display will change to a new one.

    How to Change Youtube Views to the New Version

The page that I provided above will provide all the new things on Youtube, but maybe this method also has its limits and one day the page will no longer be accessible in future versions of Youtube.


It is a right for everyone to choose which Youtube view is suitable for themselves. There is no compulsion to change to the old or new look and it can be chosen according to the user’s wishes.

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Apart from just viewing, Youtube also has one thing where users can try new features that have not yet been published publicly final or it means a feature that is still in the development stage. That is by visiting the page Test Tube.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting from the month March 2021, the feature to restore Youtube to the old version has been removed. For more information, please go to the Youtube Forum.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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