How to Buy Roaming Equipment in Mobile Legends (ML)

Roaming is one of the best roles in Mobile Legends. This type of role allows you to roam and gank easily, for those of you who want to try playing roaming, this is how to buy roaming equipment in Mobile Legends.

Roamer itself is a role that is usually played by tank heroes, this hero allows you to play with fast motion to the exp lane and gold lane to target the opponent’s hero.

Playing roamer can be quite difficult, here you need a hero who is able to target and lock your opponent in a match. With good initiation skills you can provide gameplay that can lock your opponent.

Regarding the role roamer, the following will show you how to buy roaming equipment in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers, please see the full review below.

How to Buy Roaming Equipment in Mobile Legends

First, make sure first if your hero is indeed a roamer hero. This type of hero has good initiation, fast and very strong movement speed, you must be able to lock your opponent and give CC.

Then if your hero is suitable as an offlaner, next please buy a roamer item like the following.

  • First, in a match, please collect enough gold to buy the items needed.
  • Here, please go to the Item Shop, by pressing the Shop icon on your right screen.
  • In the Shop menu there are several categories of items that you can use.
  • Starting from items Attack, Magic, Defense, Jungle, and Roaming.
  • Select the roaming category menu.
  • Please select the roaming item you need, starting from the Awe Mask, Shadow Mask and Courage Mask.
  • Buy and use.
  • Finished.

Now, with the method above, you can easily buy roaming equipment in Mobile Legends. That way your tanker heroes can already roam quickly in Mobile Legends.

How to Buy Roaming Items (Latest Update)

How to Buy Roaming Equipment in Mobile LegendsAs a leak, in the future Moonton will provide the latest updates on this roaming item. In this update, roaming and jungle and shoes will be combined into one. So to buy it will be different. At the same time we will also provide the following information.

  • First, please select a shoe item called Roamer Boots.
  • After that select the shoe item that you use as usual.
  • Then after the shoes are finished, choose a roaming effect.
  • Starting from Conceal, Dire Hi, Favor, and Encourage.
  • Buy the item and you have managed to buy roaming equipment easily
  • Finished.

For this latest method, it will be released shortly after this article is made, for those in Mobile Legends currently still using the first method.

So that’s it for how to buy roaming equipment in Mobile Legends easily and quickly. Hopefully the above review can be useful especially for those of you who need it. See you later.

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