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Can I buy battle points using credit in Mobile Legends? It is one of the best MOBA games, you have many means of payment that you can use, the first is Diamond and the second is Battle Points.

For battle points, you can use them to buy heroes in Mobile Legends, besides that, BP can also be used to draw with emblem gifts and many others.

But the most important thing for players to get when using BP is to buy heroes so you can get lots of heroes to play with.

Even so, getting Battle Points is unfortunately limited to every week, players are only allowed to get 7500 BP in one week, and around 9000 BP when using a Double BP Card.

This is the reason for some players to get or buy Battle Points using credit, so can it be done? let’s see the following review.

Can I Buy Battle Points in Mobile Legends with Credit?

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Unfortunately, buying Battle Points using credit or top in Mobile Legends cannot be done, because Battle Points are not the main means of payment in the game.

But for those of you who are truly sultans, you can use diamonds which can later be exchanged for Battle Points, this is specifically for those of you who are sultan players, and not recommended for F2P people.

The following method is an alternative for those of you who want to get Battle Points quickly, and of course for those of you who have a lot of diamonds, here’s how.

How to Get Battle Points With Diamonds

How to Buy Mobile Legends Battle Points With Credit, Is It Possible?

The way we conclude is by getting Battle Points using only diamonds, because you can use your own pulses later to top up the Mobile Legends game and become diamonds.

Draw On Magic Wheel

As an alternative for those of you who want to get a lot of Battle Points, you can draw on the Magic event, at this event you can use diamonds and of course you can get a lot of Battle Points.

In addition, the main prize will get Skin Legends, so spending diamonds in this event with the aim of getting Battle Points is not so detrimental.

Pre-purchase Hero Rewards on the Magic Wheel

First, is to first buy the hero who is a gift on the Magic Wheel.

On the Magic Wheel itself there are hero and skin prizes that you can get, you can also get fragments, magic dust, to skins and Battle Points at this event.

The first step is to buy a hero that is at the event so that later if you get the hero it can be converted into Battle Points.

Hero Rewards Converted To Battle Points

The last is to draw and get a hero prize on the Magic Wheel, the hero prize you get will be a Battle Point that you can get in addition.

The method above will be an alternative for those of you who want to know how to buy Battle Points with credit, for which we provide alternative steps that not only get Battle Points but also Legends skins.

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