How to Buy and Sell Mutual Funds on Tokopedia

Saving is very necessary for the benefit of the future. And most people prefer to save in the bank because it is proven safe. Meanwhile, users will also get interest from the bank every month, even though it is quite a bit.

But it’s different if you save in mutual funds, the benefits you get will be higher compared to banks. In addition, the process of saving can also be done online. So you don’t have to go back and forth to the bank just to save. For more information about mutual funds, please browse at Google.

Tokopedia also provides easy access to mutual fund savings. With so many payment methods, you can do it without leaving the house again. And currently Tokopedia only provides mutual funds in the Money market, which is the lowest risk. If you are curious about buying and selling mutual funds on Tokopedia, please continue to read this article.

Easy Steps to Saving Mutual Funds at Tokopedia

At first glance, I want to say a little, that Tokopedia is collaborating with Bareksa to provide mutual fund investment savings that are fairly easy in the buying and selling process. Of course, this investment is proven safe and has been supervised by Financial Services Authorization.

Tokopedia only provides 1 type of mutual fund investment, namely the Money Market, which has very low risk and is suitable for long-term or short-term use.

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The advantage is that Tokopedia provides options instant in the process of selling mutual funds. So, you no need waiting time 1 week just to sell mutual funds. Just wait 10 minutes, and the balance will go directly to TokoCash, then you can withdraw it to your bank account.

Meanwhile, the steps to start investing in Tokopedia mutual funds are very easy, and here are some steps:

1. Register for Tokopedia Mutual Funds

Make sure you already have a Tokopedia account. And then please prepare a photo of your ID card for the validation process later. The photo ID must be clear and not blurry in order for the registration application to be approved.

If you have prepared it, please go to the Tokopedia mutual fund page at the URL And after that follow the registration instructions on that page.

The validation process takes about 1 to 2 working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). From my own experience it only takes 1 day.

And if the registration application has been approved, of course you will get a notification from the Tokopedia application and also an email message. Now the next step is to buy Mutual Funds.

2. Buying mutual funds at Tokopedia

If I conclude, the buying process is almost the same as shopping for an item, only the difference is that you yourself determine the nominal. The following are the steps for buying mutual funds in the Tokopedia application.

  1. Open the Tokopedia Mutual Fund page and tap the button Beli Reksa Dana.

    Tap Buy Mutual Fund

  2. Next, select the mutual fund product you want to buy.

    Choose Mutual Fund Products

  3. Then write down the amount or nominal rupiah you want to buy.

    Type Purchase Amount

  4. Then select a payment method. As example here I choose BNI Virtual Account.

    Choosing a Payment Method

  5. The next step, please complete the payment process according to the instructions described on the page.

    Follow Payment Instructions

  6. If the payment process is successful, you will get a notification from the Tokopedia application.

    Mutual Fund Payment Successfully

  7. And finally the Mutual Fund was successfully purchased, you can also see the details in the Transaction History section.

    Mutual Fund Purchase at Tokopedia is Successful

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You should also know that the mutual funds you buy will be processed maximum 2 working days. So if the balance has increased but the unit still hasn’t increased, that’s a sign that the mutual fund is still being processed. And you can find out the estimated processing time in the Transaction History section.

3. Selling Mutual Funds at Tokopedia

As I said above, the process of selling mutual funds at Tokopedia is instant and will go directly to TokoCash in a matter of minutes. The steps to sell it are very easy, please follow the tutorial below:

  1. Open the Tokopedia Mutual Fund page and tap the button Jual Reksa Dana.

    Tap Sell Mutual Fund

  2. After that, enter the nominal sales.

    Fill in Sales Amount

  3. The next stage is the verification process, tap on the button Kirim Kode Verifikasi.

    Tap Send Verification Code

  4. Please select the SMS method, and then wait for an SMS message from Tokopedia in the form of a code.

  5. Fill in the code in the column provided.

    Fill in the Verification Code from the SMS Message

  6. Done, the process of selling the mutual fund has been successful.

    Tokopedia Mutual Fund Sales Succeeded

  7. Please check the Mutual Fund Transaction History to see more sales information.

    Tokopedia Mutual Fund Sales Transaction History

From my own experience, the sales process just has to wait less than 10 minutes and after that the balance can be seen on TokoCash. Then the user can withdraw it right away to the bank account.

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Tokopedia provides an easy experience for all users in buying and selling mutual funds. This is also very suitable for users who have never participated in any investment, because the risk is very low and the potential profit is up to 6.5% per year.

The process of buying and selling mutual funds too no admin fee, so saving can be done at any time without having to worry about additional costs.

If you have questions or other additions regarding the steps in buying or selling mutual funds on Tokopedia, please write them in the comments column.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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