How to Backup and Restore Mikrotik Configuration

How to Backup and Restore Mikrotik Configuration

Maybe everyone already knows that there are many advantages that exist in Mikrotik routers. The first time you use it, it’s a little complicated, but if you really understand all of its features, surely setting up Mikrotik can be very fast and easy.

If you are currently setting up Mikrotik and are often faced with problems, whether it’s conflicts or the like, it will be more useful if you back up the configuration when Mikrotik is set up correctly.

So even if you want to try to change it, you will no longer worry about problems that might occur, because you already have a configuration backup. And to make a backup is actually very easy, to find out more, please continue to read this article.

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Mikrotik Configuration Backup and Restore Tutorial

Do backup (backing up) is very easy with the help of Winbox. Surely you already know about the program. So the backup and restore feature has basically been provided by Mikrotik and you just need to use it. Here’s the tutorial.

  1. Go to Winbox and click menu Files

  2. Press the button Backup and then surely a new backup file will appear there.

    Tutorial Backup and Restore Mikrotik Configuration

  3. To save it to your computer, just drag and drop directly and automatically the file will be copied to the computer.

  4. It’s the same if you want to do a restore, just drag and drop backup file from the computer earlier to Winbox. And then press the button Restore

    Tutorial Backup and Restore Mikrotik Configuration

Pretty short isn’t it? You can also do a backup through the terminal, but it seems a bit complicated and it’s better to use the method above which is relatively easy and effective.

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It’s important to know when doing backups, make sure you’ve copied the files to your computer. Because if it hasn’t been copied yet and one day the router is reset, of course the file will be lost and there will be no option to do so restore (return it).

And never do a restore for the Mikrotik router other even though they have the same series, because an error will occur. So use one backup file for only one Mikrotik.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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