How to avoid lag or desync when playing Call of Duty Mobile

Lag or desync itself is a phenomenon where when we play a game and suddenly we find our character is silent or something like that.

This itself can indeed occur for several reasons or certain issues such as poor internet or inadequate devices.

how to avoid lag or desync itself can actually be avoided with some search and solutions.

but this also adapts to what the problem is causing the lag or desync itself.

and for that in this article I will share some ways and tips that can help you overcome this.

1. Use the Internet well

Proper use of the internet is one of the keys to avoiding this problem in almost all cases.

but what is meant in these tips is not to always use the best provider.

what this means is to reduce internet use when playing games, in other words closing other applications that use the internet.

because by doing that we can reduce the chances of us getting lag or desync.

every time we open 2 applications that use the internet or download while playing games, our connection will be divided.

2. Using a good device

This second tip is almost the same as the first tip, which is to use a good device to avoid lag or desync.

what this means is also closing other applications when playing games because it can result in lag or desync.

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because when opening several applications while playing games not only makes lag but also eats memory or ram.

applications such as games usually will indeed eat up ram or memory when opened and indeed there are some applications that eat ram such as discord.

therefore closing some applications while playing games can make playing games smoother.

3. Set the options for the right graphic

Graphics themselves can be said to be the main cause of you getting lag, desync, or FPS drop.

because not all devices can be compatible with high or ultra graphics because each device has different specifications.

Therefore, the recommended graphic apart from low is normal because these two graphic settings are indeed the most friendly for all devices.

and also if you are not satisfied with the normal or low graphics you can also adjust it yourself according to the device specs.

4. Play on the recommended server

playing on the recommended server itself is indeed a solution to avoid lag or desync.

when we are on a SEA or Asian server when we move to another server like EU or US then our ping or ms will go up.

because the difference in the region or region makes the speed we connect is also different and that will slightly affect the ping or ms.

For this reason, playing on the recommended server will make lag or desync rare because of the stable connection speed.

and those were some tips and methods that can be used to avoid lag or desync problems in COD Mobile.

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These tips themselves do not only apply to mobile players but also to all types of players such as PCs and Consoles.

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