How to Add a New Fingerprint on a Samsung Phone

How to Add a New Fingerprint on a Samsung Phone

Fingerprint feature or fingerprint in the cell phone has a high role in protecting the cellphone. In addition to protecting, this feature can also make it easier for users to open the phone faster without having to tap the button again.

Fingerprint data is stored locally on the phone, so users can add or remove them at any time. And on a Samsung phone, the average user can add up to max 2 to 3 fingers to make it easier to open the phone screen.

So instead of just adding one index finger to your right hand, you can add it to your left hand as well. So whenever you hold your phone, you can immediately open it without having to change hands.

Tutorial on Adding a New Fingerprint on Samsung Phones

All Samsung Android phones that use One UI have the same way of adding new fingerprint data. And here I will share how to do it along with an overview to make it easier to follow each step.

  1. First of all please head to Arrangement.

  2. Next tap on the menu Biometrics and Security.

    Tap Menu Biometrics and Security

  3. After that go to the menu Fingerprint.

    Tap Fingerprint Menu

  4. Enter the current PIN/Pattern to continue.

  5. Then tap on menu Add Fingerprint.

    Adding a New Fingerprint on Samsung

  6. Now please follow the on-screen procedure to add the fingerprint data.

The procedure for adding fingerprints is almost the same for all phones. That’s because the user only needs to swipe his finger on the sensor fingerprint on the phone and after that move the finger left or right to make it more accurate.

And when the detection process has reached the 100% level, then the process of adding fingerprint data is declared successful. And you can immediately try the new fingerprint by locking the phone first and then wiping the sensor fingerprint on the phone using the newly added finger. Surely now the phone will immediately open.

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Solution for Adding Fingerprints stuck at 90%

Sometimes you have a problem where in the procedure of adding fingerprints, the percentage level is just stop at 90% just. This is because the system still requires more fingerprint data to make it accurate even if it is opened on the wrong finger.

So the solution is to try rubbing gently while rotating your finger on the sensor fingerprint, Later the system will start detecting it and the percentage rate will instantly be 100%.

You can also add one finger as two fingerprint data profiles to make it more accurate and fast when unlocking the phone. So the phone will immediately recognize it instantly without having to be wrong in detecting it.

The final word

The process of adding fingerprints is actually very easy, because the user is assisted by the procedures provided by the system to obtain a high level of data accuracy. Even compared to using a face detection sensor, using this fingerprint sensor in my opinion is faster and more practical.

So have you managed to add a new fingerprint on the phone? If you haven’t and have problems, then it’s a good idea to tell the problem in the comments column to get a solution as soon as possible.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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