How much is the price of Skin Thiva Free Fire (FF) A la Kabargokil

You must know the price of the Thiva Free Fire (FF) Skin A la Kabargokil, because this will help you prepare now. Maybe those of you who have seen the price of Thiva Skin now, will be immediately interested in buying it as well.

Especially for now, there are quite a lot of events that are present in the Free Fire game, make sure you just take advantage of some of these prizes. In order not to miss a lot of interesting things, you will also know some new things from the Shop items right now.

You may find lots of new prizes, for example, how to get Captain Summer Free Fire’s Parachute Skin. This is a good choice later, because you will have a good chance to get off the plane.

Then later when we know the price of the Thiva Free Fire (FF) Skin A la Kabargokil, then we can immediately prepare a DM as much as the price. So that you immediately have the character’s Skin, then use it directly when competing later.

How much is the price of Thiva Free Fire (FF) Skin like Kabargokil

How much does my Esports style Thiva Free Fire (FF) skin cost?

This skin has the name Thiva’s Rising Musician and chooses a price of 2500 Dm for you to buy later, of course the price is very cheap for those of you who want to have it. If it’s in Rupiah, that’s a lot, including you spend more than 250 thousand and that’s pretty good.

This cheap is probably for the Sultans, as they won’t hesitate to shell out a lot of Diamonds for the current character. Thiva has a skin that is quite simple, you don’t even have to worry if you buy an expensive one, Thiva will look really cool.

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This skin is indeed similar to the group of Skyler Free Fire Character Skins, although it is a collaboration, the price is much cheaper than Alok. Yesterday we also presented How to Get Thiva Free Fire Characters, it’s free and all you have to do is complete the Skin.

Now apart from the price part that you can know now, this Skin from Thiva has a pretty interesting color and even appearance. At first glance, the missions are the same as body skins in Free Fire, but actually this has a different type and may be much cooler.

A shirt full of Tattoos and the symbol of Thiva as Like Mike, like one of the famous people from Ancient Egypt tattooed. Indeed, if we look more clearly, it will be like that, then on the Skin Pants that Thiva is using.

Indeed, it is more likely that Black Jeans are black and have torn accessories on the knees. Of course, this skin is getting more and more interesting when you use it in the Free Fire game later.

What do you think about knowing the price of Thiva’s Skin now? are you guys interested in his soon. Maybe it will be suitable if you use the Thiva Free Fire Character Combination later, so that the chances of winning will be greater than before.

There is no need to hesitate again when facing the enemy, they will not dare to fight this powerful Thiva server Squad. Just follow this method, if you really want to have a Skin prize or buy it like the one we gave you earlier.

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After knowing the price of the Thiva Free Fire (FF) Skin A la Kabargokil, then you immediately buy it after knowing all this. Maybe later you will use the Skin, so that you can compete even more cool.

Then know the price of DJ Alok’s Free Fire Skin Now, indeed the total is the largest than the other characters, even that will indeed be a strong indication right now

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