How much is the price of Alok Free Fire (FF) Skin A la Kabargokil

Maybe after knowing how much is the price of the Alok Free Fire (FF) skin, this will help those of you who want to have the character’s Skin set. Moreover, sets from bundles or characters like this, maybe they will give you a more attractive look.

For now there are still many interesting updates that we can try, even all of these things you can use. Then there are some other cool prizes that you can have now, if you complete a mission in an event.

Then for the presence of How to Get the Bassrock Free Fire Amplified Bundle, it is one of the options that are suitable for you to get. Just like what we know now, because new items will be immediately popular for us to use later.

Now you may be able to know how much is the price of the Alok Free Fire (FF) skin, because it can help prepare for those who want to have it.

How much is the price of Alok Free Fire (FF) Skin like Kabargokil

The price of alok FF skin that you need to spend for Best Composer is only 2750 Diamonds or around Rp. 400.00, but for Deluxe it takes up to 3349 Diamonds or around Rp. 500,000 to own it. There are only 2 skins that Alok has in this Free Fire game, first there is Best Composer and second is Deluxe Alok.

There are already many characters present in the Free Fire game, even for the Alok Free Fire Skin Price, you should know now. Of course, the skin of this Alok character has a fairly large total and you certainly have to prepare money before buying it.

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Each of these skin prices is not the same, of course there is a price difference that you might be able to see from the total DM you need, right. Alok himself is a meta character in the Free Fire game, you must know the early days of his glory when he was first released.

The price of the Alok character itself is indeed high, even reaching up to 599 Dm in the game Shop now. Then it doesn’t include promo price discounts, because usually there is an event like that only for collaboration characters.

If you are totally total too, this Skin really depends on us ourselves who will buy it or not. Because what you can do later, is a cheap gift from Alok Skin.

Just prepare up to 300 thousand Rupiah, to get Alok’s skin, which is Composer or Deluxe. The contents of each of these Skin Packages are different, if the first one contains only the clothes.

But if you buy the Deluxe one, you can immediately get additional DJ Alok as a bonus for this purchase. If so, which one do you think is good to buy? Alok directly use Diamond without Skin or buy the same Skin?

Even from the beginning of its release, DJ Alok’s Skin has a good appearance, even very strong for you to use in matches. Use the Free Fire DJ Emote too, so that later Alok’s character will look more fitting because of the Skin and Emote.

If you want to save more, you can only get Alok at the Discount Event later, but it’s uncertain if it’s for a character named Alok. It’s even rare for this character to get a discount, only in 2021 yesterday got the event and only 9 DM.

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After knowing the price of the Alok Free Fire (FF) skin, you will just have to prepare the right money first. So that later you can immediately have this skin, when all the preparations are now ready.

Even now, we still have the 4thniversary Free Fire Event Schedule, one of the biggest this August. So that we can celebrate it more festively, use Alok Skin and start playing.

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