Honkai Impact 3rd x Genshin Impact Presents Keqing and Fischl

A collaboration between two game titles made by miYoHo – Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd it is quite interesting. Even though both of them have their own charms, globally Genshin Impact has become a more successful game, meanwhile the action gameplay approach promoted by Honkai Impact makes it have almost the same appeal.

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Collaboration is indeed not a foreign strategy in the game industry and will happen at one point, which is also what miHoYo finally realizes. These two game titles are planned to be merged in June 2021.

Honkai Impact 3 Collaboration Eventrd x Genshin Impact

Based on the available information, miHoYo itself has confirmed that the two games made by it will occur in the 4.9 update which will be launched on 10 June. Of course this is a big surprise for fans of both games.

Honkai Impact will later have several iconic characters from Genshin Impact such as Fischl and Keqing. Not only that, Genshin Impact’s signature weapons and enemies such as Ruin Guards and Slimes will also be present there.

However, for now there is no information whether the Japanese, Korean, and English servers will also receive the collaboration event or not.

The presence of Keqing and Fishcl in Honkai Impact 3rd

Surprisingly enough, a playable character like Keqing is one of the interesting content in this collaboration. According to information circulating, you can get Fischl for free by doing a login mission during the event.

Meanwhile, you can also use Keqing although it’s not permanent but you can get new experience using this character on Honkai Impact, and Paimon also seems to “drop in” in the collaboration.

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In addition to these two characters, you also have the opportunity to get a Klee costume for Kiana. If you’re curious about how it looks, please see this elegant Kiana wearing a collaboration event costume.

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