Hill Climb Racing – Hill Climbing Game With Unique Vehicles

It’s been 2 years since I shared the old Hill Climb game and now this game is back with better quality and a very unique vehicle than the previous 2 years. Hill Climb Racing, which can be interpreted as a hill climbing race, is in great demand by many people and is highly devoted to small children or teenagers when they do nothing in their spare time. There are many vehicles and locations that are being added every few months, and currently more than 15 vehicles are presented and will continue to grow, as well as locations or places that will continue to be added as this application continues to be updated.

Despite the graphics that use 2D technology, what many users like is the gameplay that is very different and unique from the others. Even when this game was published there were already several games that made almost the same gameplay, but still the original game was made by Fingersoft. Formerly Hill Climb Racing it only has a size of around 9Mb for Android Gingerbread users and above, and has now evolved to 30Mb and above as there are more vehicles and locations for hill racing. Basically not only hills that can be seen, even a lot of locations that don’t make sense to be used as a location for this vehicle to run.

An example of a location that is not possible is a roof, so the user will control various vehicles on the roof of a building and of course there is an incline which is most likely an obstacle. So in my opinion, this Hill Climb Racing game takes the hill theme from the initial location, where the user still doesn’t have points to buy and looks for points on the initial obstacle which is located on a green hill and full of high incline. The longer the user stays with the vehicle he is currently riding, the more obstacles there will be and are difficult to solve and again this refers to an incline.

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The user mission in this game is looking for lots of points to buy new vehicles, unlock new locations, and last but not least, upgrade vehicles which is owned. The more users upgrade the vehicle, it can make the vehicle’s performance better and don’t forget every time you upgrade, please look at the design section of the vehicle, it will definitely change even if only a little. When playing it, the user must cross the location as quickly as possible so as not to run out of gas, so on a road there is a red icon and please take it to get additional gas. Here are some descriptions of the Hill Climb Racing game.

This game is in the Racing category and is not Casual, because the user must catch up with time so that the gas does not run out. The mechanism of the gasoline produced by Hill Climb Racing is not from a gas button, so even if the user does not press the gas button, gasoline will continue to decrease. To make gasoline more durable, you can upgrade the vehicle and not all vehicles. And I suggest not to use the wrong vehicle at a location to find more points even though this is an individual right, for example using a sled in a desert, of course the speed will decrease. To download this Hill Climb Racing game, please click on the banner below.


Hill Climb Racing requires Android version 2.3 up, has a size of approx. 36Mb, and has no additional data or cache. Rating 4.4 on the Play Store from the many people who think this game should be very worth playing. And one thing that should not be missed is do not occasionally use the application in the form of a mod or have been transferred to add points, because the core of this game is the points themselves, so when users try to use the mod version, automatically the pleasure in playing this game will be missing and want to uninstall in the near future. However, if the user plays without cheating, surely the points obtained will be more meaningful and continue to play this game until the moment of boredom arrives. More or less take months or more for the game to finish, with the intention of unlocking all vehicles and locations, as well as upgrading all types of vehicles.

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Hopefully useful and good luck

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