Here’s How to Get Skin Vale Blizzard Storm Mobile Legends

It seems that the latest Vale skin, Superhero Squad has been eagerly awaited by fans. Many players may also be curious about the release date and price of the skin. To find out, please find the answer here.

As is known, soon we will have a new ML event called Blizzard Storm. Where at the event was the release of the Superhero Vale skin.

This Blizzard Storm will be present at the same time as the Lethal Nexus event. Well, for a Superhero Squad skin collector, especially those who already have Bruno, Chou, and Lancelot skins, don’t miss this event.

Get the Superhero Vale Blizzard Storm Squad Skin

Previously, leaks of the release date and price of the Vale Blizzard Storm skin had circulated, which we discussed. And the prediction is almost right, where players will need around 4000 ML diamonds to get the skin.

With that many diamonds, of course, players have to pay a lot of money. But on the other hand, the price of the skin is reasonable, because this newest Vale skin is not sold in the shop and includes rare items that will be held during the event period.

It’s still the same as the previous hero skin event, where players have to do gacha to get the Vale skin and the name of the event itself will be called Brewing Storm.

Can you get free gacha?

This is possible, but you have to pre-order the event first today (16/03/2021). Then complete the mission on March 27, 2021. That way you can do a free draw on Brewing Storm.

What are the Brewing Storm Event Rewards?

blizzard storm event prize

As we often mention in Mobile Legends articles, especially for articles that discuss events. In the ML event there are a lot of very interesting prizes.

For this event, the main prize is the Vale Blizzard Storm skin. Then there are prizes that are no less interesting, such as kill and recall effects, and many more. So, don’t miss it. Because it’s a shame if you miss this very interesting prize event.

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